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A medieval village and vineyards in Piedmont

Wine tours and gourmet travel with BKWine autumn 2017: 2 new destinations, 2 classics | Press Release

BKWine Tours, a leading wine and gastronomy tour operator, has just launched the fall program for 2017. The fall season includes four destinations to France, Italy, and Portugal. Two new destinations are featured: Piedmont, with wine and truffles, and Alentejo in Portugal. On the program are also two great classics: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley. […]

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Nerello in a vat, Etna, Sicily

Focus on Etna on Sicily | wine tour

The climate in Sicily is warm and dry. But the landscape is mountainous and it can rain a lot when you get up in the mountains, as much as 1000 mm a year in some places. The mountains cool the vines and give a nice freshness to the wines. Hot days and cool nights in […]

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Vineyard in Burgundy FEATURE

3 Classics: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy | wine tour

Chablis wines are not like Chardonnay wines from anywhere else. Chablis is of course made with 100% Chardonnay but the wine taste more “Chablis” than Chardonnay. If any wine can be said to have a terroir-style, it is Chablis. It is difficult to imitate the crispy, fresh style of Chablis. Sometimes the acidity is quite […]

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Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest

Bordeaux and its famous grape varieties | wine tour

The Bordeaux grape varieties are known all over the world. All of them have travelled and happily settled in other wine regions. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are found almost everywhere today. Cabernet Franc is making its way towards global fame as is Petit Verdot, albeit on a lesser scale. Malbec is much more planted in […]

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A Portuguese vineyard

Wine tours autumn 2017: new destinations and classics

Our wine tours for the autumn 2017 are now available here on Don’t miss out! New tours this year is Piedmont (with truffles!), and a gastronomic experience as well as a wine tour to the exciting and dynamic Alentejo in southern Portugal. Bordeaux, 27 September – 1 October: For a wine lover it is […]

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A village in the mountains, Etna, Sicily

Volcanic wines: Sicily, focusing on Etna | Wine Tour

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s biggest island. Wine is grown all around the island. Most wineries are near the coast, but for example the well-known Tenuta Regaleali is in the centre of the island, in a dramatic, mountainous landscape. Etna, which is the focus of one of our Sicily wine tours, is located in the east. […]

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Thousands of champagne bottles in the cellar

3 Classics: Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy | Wine Tour

Champagne is a drink that comes from the Champagne district. This is a given for many. But still there are people who call all wines with bubbles champagne and when they mean the French stuff from the Champagne region they say “real” champagne. Champagne is a protected trademark in many countries (all of the EU […]

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Some small things to start lunch with in Veneto

Tuscany: Is the food as important as the wine? | Wine Tour

In Tuscany, on our wine tours, we spend time not only on the wine but also on the food. We do a cooking work-shop together with a skilled chef one morning. In Tuscany, the meal is important. You should sit down and eat together and the meal should take time. It may take time to […]

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Le Grand Theatre in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France’s most beautiful city | Wine Tour

Bordeaux is one of France’s most beautiful cities. From being a town with narrow, winding alleys, Bordeaux was rebuilt in the 1700s with large, airy avenues. Stately houses and small private palaces were built along the quays, not least the magnificent Place de la Bourse. Also the beautiful opera house, Le Grand Théâtre, was built […]

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Flavorful World logo

Flavorful World on our spring wine tours

We are always thrilled when our wine tours are picked up by a blog or any other media. This time we are glad to have been mentioned in the food blog Flavorful World. It is our two spring tours that caught the attention of Anthony Beal who authors the blog: to Bordeaux and to Champagne. […]

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A classical chateau in Bordeaux

Not only wine in Bordeaux | wine tour

Bordeaux is very much about water (big surprise!). The wide and mighty Garonne River flows through the city of Bordeaux. The quayside has been totally renovated and Bordeaux now has a magnificent waterfront. You can walk along the river for several kilometres, for example, to the outskirts of the city where the new and spectacular […]

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A Champagne house along the Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

Champagne, a variety of flavours and characters | wine tour

Champagne has more and more competitors. The world-wide demand for sparkling wines is increasing but today Champagne has to struggle for attention amongst Prosecco, Cava and many other bubbly wines from different countries. But Champagne is still without a doubt the most interesting region for sparkling wines. Not least thanks to the large variety of […]

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RealBusiness logo

RealBusiness: wine tours to “build a lifetime bond”

We are delighted to have been featured in RealBusiness. This on-line magazine “for ambitious SMEs” presented our wine and gourmet tours as a gift idea for companies wanting to develop better corporate relations. Here are some of the things they said: Business networking is often done over a beverage or two, so what better way […]

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Chateau d Armailhac, Pauillac, Bordeaux

Large, impressive investments in Bordeaux, a must see

In Bordeaux, the wine chateaux invest. They invest in new stylish wine cellars, new oak barrels, new fermentation tanks, new optical sorting machines. And probably in other things as well. It is not just the well-known chateaux with thick wallets that invest. Though it is only these chateaux that can afford to hire designers and […]

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Thousands of bottles in the cellar – FEATURE

Champagne goes with everything?

Is it possible to drink Champagne straight through an entire meal? Yes, it is! There is really nothing on the plate that you cannot combine with Champagne because there are so many different types of Champagnes. A powerful Champagne with concentration and ripeness can even be served with an entrecote. Some years back, when we […]

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Make someone happy this Christmas. Give a wine tour

Father Christmas has stocked up with plenty of nice wine tours in the Santa Claus bag this year, we hope. There is plenty to choose from; you might want to give the present to that very special one or perhaps just to yourself. You can for example gift wrap a specific one of our scheduled […]

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Two new spring wine tours 2017, to Champagne and to Bordeaux, with BKWine | Press Release

Two new wine tours are on the schedule for the spring tour season with BKWine. The tours on the spring program focus on two great classic French wine regions, Champagne in April and Bordeaux in May. Full details can be found on Champagne, famous houses and innovative growers, takes the traveller around the wine […]

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Bottles aging in the cellar at Clos Fourtet, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

”Bordeaux, yes, but which vintage?” Does it matter?

For Bordeaux people talk vintages. Vintages are a subject of discussion also in other regions, but not as much as in Bordeaux. The reason is perhaps that this is where you can find investment-grade wines. Wines that you don’t buy to drink but buy to sell, hopefully at a profit. It is a very small […]

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Is Champagne always best?

Can you tell the difference between a champagne and other sparkling wines? We’ve had the question many times. It is not an easy question. Yes, often we do, but it depends on what kind of champagne it is and what kind of “other” sparkling wine. But it is admittedly hard to beat a really well-made […]

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Base wines for blending, merlot, cabernet, oak barrel

Bordeaux, both classic and modern

Bordeaux occupies a special place in many wine lovers’ heart. It is the great classic and in many ways a reference for a high quality red wine. Here you find the famous chateaux with Grand Cru Classé status, real fairy-tale castles, built in the 18th and 19th century. The cellars are obviously modern and sometimes […]

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