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Chile and Argentina, wine countries on each side of the Andes | South America wine tour

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The mighty Andes Mountain range plays an important role on our wine tour to South America’s two most important wine countries. We spend the first half of the tour in Argentina. Then we cross the Andes by bus, a fantastic journey that offers breathtaking scenery. The border with Chile is at an altitude of 3,000 meters (9,800 feet).

The wine tour to Argentina and Chile shows two different wine cultures and two different styles of wine. Or actually, several different styles. The variation in both countries is today greater than ever. Malbec is indeed dominant in Argentina’s largest wine region, Mendoza, but malbec is different depending on where the grapes have grown.

Chile has warm and cool climates, and the grape varieties are planted where they thrive best. After a couple of days in Buenos Aires, we fly to the city of Mendoza, located in the middle of the wine region of the same name. We are now close to the mountains, towering over the city.

Exciting vineyard visits and fantastic barbecue lunches (asado, as they say here) await us.

We start the Chilean part of the tour on the Pacific coast and then go inland to one of the most famous red wine regions, Colchagua. A dip in the pool feels perfect when we return to the hotel in the afternoons, and, of course, the pisco sour is the country’s most famous aperitif. We end the tour in Chile’s capital, Santiago de Chile.

Join us for a great wine, nature, and culture experience on the wine tour in Argentina and Chile.

Discover the wine countries of Chile and Argentina.

More inspiration: You can get an even better feeling for what you will experience on this tour if you visit the latest tour’s own Facebook group. Lots of pictures and videos from the tour (join the group and you’ll get an update when we post new contents): The wine tour to Chile and Argentina 2023.

Vineyards and one of the Andes peaks in Mendoza, Argentina
Vineyards and one of the Andes peaks in Mendoza, Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography
A beautiful modern barrel cellar in Colchagua, Chile
A beautiful modern barrel cellar in Colchagua, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

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