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Quintay Q Pinot Noir 2010

Argentina and Chile is much, much more than Malbec and Carmenere | wine tour

Malbec came to Argentina (from Chile!) already in 1850. It was faced with completely different growing conditions than it was used to from southwestern France, in Cahors. Not least a dry climate with only 200-300 mm of rain per year. But the grape adapted quickly. Already at the time, Mendoza was a major trading city. […]

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Marlborough Sounds

Be one of the first to discover the greatness of New Zealand | wine tour

It is a long journey to get to New Zealand but it is well worth it. Here you will enjoy the wines and the food, but also the nature and the landscape that is completely unique, famous for instance from the filming of Lord of the Rings. Our tour starts in Auckland on the North […]

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The Steenberg Restaurant in Constantia

South Africa is today one of the most exciting and dynamic wine countries | wine tour

South Africa is a New World wine country, but with a long wine history. They celebrated 350 year anniversary as a wine country some years back. The sweet wines from Constantia were world famous already in the 18th century. The Dutchman Jan Van Riebeek planted the first vines outside of Cape Town in 1655 and […]

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A view over a winery and the Andes in Mendoza

Reaching the highest levels in South America: wines, food and the Andes | wine tour

It is hard to say which part of our South America tour is the most memorable. The wine tastings, the winemakers, the landscape or the food. The empanadas, the grilled meat cooked outside over open fire, the young winemakers who talk passionately about their terroir, the top quality icon wines or the spectacular bus journey […]

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A cellar with oak barrels

Bordeaux: chateaux, wines and a long history | wine tour

Seeing all the well-known Bordeaux chateaux in real life is a great experience. Some of them are very impressive. However, some of the most famous ones, like Château Petrus or Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, are small and not so imposing but when you know the price of the wines you are a bit impressed anyway. Many chateaux […]

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Ernie Els’ Big Easy restaurant in Stellenbosch

Meet the pioneers in wine in South Africa | wine tour

South Africa has changed a lot since in 25 years. Not least the wine industry. Many people associate South Africa with unpretentious and good-value wines. We will show you the more ambitious wines made here in this wonderful country. Today this country produces true world-class wines. The scenery is unforgettable and beautiful. February is the […]

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Chateau de France, Pessac Leognan, Graves, Bordeaux

Bordeaux wine, the difference is in the cellar | wine tour

In Bordeaux, every wine estate is a chateau. Sometimes big and impressive, sometimes more modest. But the most important thing, after all, is to have a well-equipped cellar. How you equip you cellar depends on how much money you make. But it is not only a question of money. It is also about your philosophy. […]

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Old wine bottles resting in the cellar

Bordeaux wine, wine for laying down but also, of course, for drinking | wine tour

Many wine consumers associate Bordeaux wines with tannins and a long ageing. On our wine tour in Bordeaux in October you will discover for yourself if this is still true. During our tastings at high-class chateaux you will discover both young Bordeaux wines and older ones. What you prefer is a matter of personal taste. […]

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A village and vineyards in Vallee de la Marne, Champagne

Champagne goes with everything | wine tour

On our tour to Champagne you will discover many things about this bubbly wine. Not least the fact that you can drink it through an entire meal. You can actually combine champagne with many things since there are so many different styles of champagnes. The elegant style made from 100 % Chardonnay, the powerful style […]

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The barrel cellar at Chateau Dauphine in Bordeaux

What a wine consultant in Bordeaux really does, with Stéphane Courrèges | Britt on Forbes

Is the consultant oenologist the most important person in the Bordeaux wine cellars? Maybe, maybe not, but few Bordeaux chateaux nowadays make their wines without one. One of these consultants is Stéphane Courrèges whom we met recently when he was in Paris for the day. Sometimes they are simply called “wine consultants” or even “flying […]

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Some champagne for aperitif before lunch

Full throttle in Champagne this fall | wine tour

Champagne is the world’s most famous sparkling wine, even though Prosecco has overtaken champagne counted in volume. Champagne immediately brings to mind festivity and luxury, but today more and more people find that there is no need for a party to open a bottle of champagne. But maybe it becomes a party when the bottle […]

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The winding road across the Andes between Chile and Argentina

For the long term planners: more southern hemisphere | wine tours

We already know that winter 2019 will be cold and dark, so we have planned two fantastic destinations for you to brighten up your winter (actually three, but the last one is a secret for the moment). The full planning is not yet finished but here are the destinations and the times. If you are […]

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Cais da Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Douro Valley: spectacular landscape, local grape varieties | wine tour

Portugal has its own local grape varieties, few known outside the country. During our tour to the amazing Douro Valley in the northern part of the country we will encounter many of them: touriga national, touriga franca, sousa, tinta roriz and many more. You do find French grape varieties too in Portugal, but they are […]

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Vineyards in Champagne

Harvest time in Champagne | wine tour

In Champagne in late September the harvest is probably in full swing (but it depends on the weather). There will be a lot of activity in the vineyards and in the cellars. This is an interesting time to visit the wine region and we will get to know some of the secrets of champagne on […]

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A road sign for Beaune in the vineyards

Burgundy, the Quintessence of a Wine Region

Wine touring in Burgundy is an experience filled with wine, food, beauty and history Burgundy… Say it. Feel it. Taste it. The word evokes a very special wine country and a very special wine. It makes me think of gently rolling hills. Vineyards all the way to the horizon. Winding roads. Small villages. Unique wines […]

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Chateau Phelan Segur in the Medoc, Bordeaux

Bordeaux: 7000 “castles” and lots of vineyards | wine tour

Bordeaux is one of France’s largest wine regions with 112 000 hectares of vineyards. There are about 7000 chateau (“castles”). Everyone does not make their own wine. Some sell their grapes to a negociant or belong to a cooperative. The chateaux exist in all sizes and looks. Some are no more than a regular little […]

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In the famous vineyard

Burgundy: a short introduction to grapes and appellations

La Côte d’Or of Burgundy Some of the most unique wines in the world – reds and white – come from Burgundy. A well-made red Bourgogne (or Burgundy wine if you prefer), made from the elusive pinot noir grape variety, is a wine of elegance, hardly found anywhere else. The fruity aromas are mixed with […]

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Eglise monolithe, Place du Marche, Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion, a short city guide

A highlight on a Bordeaux tour is a stroll around the small town of Saint Emilion. A picturesque town with its steep (sometimes very steep!) cobblestone streets, cafés, wine bars, beautiful old houses and its extensive view over the vineyards. It was in the 700s that a monk from Brittany settled down at the place […]

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The beach at Camps Bay in Cape Town

South Africa in November! Fantastic food, wines, whale watching and much more | wine tour

An exciting and important part of our tours in South Africa is the food. It can be a braai with all kinds of meat and sausages on the grill, or a gastronomic highlight in a star restaurant. South Africa has several famous chefs and one of them is Bertus Basson. He has a well-known restaurant […]

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Magnificent buildings in Bordeaux

Bordeaux City Guide

Bordeaux, “the most elegant city” Bordeaux is a wine, a wine district and a city. A city that is strategically placed for visits to the well-known wine districts like the Medoc, Graves and Saint Emilion. It is a city well worth visiting before going off to the vineyards. It is one of the biggest cities […]

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