Region Guides

Background information on some of the wine regions that we visit on the BKWine wine tours. These are short introductions that give you some overview of the wine districts.

You can read more, much more, on wine and the places you will visit when you travel with BKWine on our editorial site BKWine Magazine.


Here is the first region guide, to Burgundy. It begins like this:

Some of the most unique wines in the world – reds and white – come from Burgundy. A well made red Bourgogne (or Burgundy wine if you prefer), made from the elusive pinot noir grape variety, is a wine of elegance, hardly found anywhere else. The fruity aromas are mixed with a hint of autumn leaves and spices and almost always a moderate use of oak barrels. Despite the pale colour these can be very impressive wines.

Read more about the wines of Burgundy in BKWine region guide here.

Burgundy Wine Region – Images by Per Karlsson

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