Vineyards and hills in Tuscany

Tuscany & Chianti Wine Tour

A wine tour to Tuscany and Chianti with the wonderful wines and food of Italy! — Tuscany enchants you with the beautiful landscape, the wines, the olive oil and not least the gastronomy. the wine

Wine tour in Tuscany: Gourmet lunch at San Donato

Italian lunches tend to take quite a long time and tend to include a lot of different things. It is almost inevitable to start with some charcuteries, dried ham, sausages and cheese (but who would

Wine tour in Tuscany: Visiting the Colombaia winery

“Colombaia Azienda Agricola Nadia Castagnedi” is the full name, but everyone just calls it Colombaia. The winery and vineyards is run by Dante Lomazzi, winemaker, and Helena Variara. We were there recently on our wine

They have everything in Tuscany!

Tuscany has Chianti Classico more or less as its centre, the famous wine district that was recently named Wine Capital of the Year, but that is not the only thing they have. Åsa, our person

Press Release: Wine tour program for 2012

Champagne and Tuscany new destinations – plus classic Bordeaux –  on BKWine 2012 wine and food travel program To go on a wine tour in spring time is quite different from travelling in the autumn.

Wine Capital of the Year: Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico, the heart of Tuscany, has been elected wine region and wine capital of the year Each year the Swedish wine tasting association Munskankarna (with over 20,000 members) elects a Wine Capital of the