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The Wine & Soul winery in the Douro Valley

A new generation winemakers in the Douro Valley?

Have you ever heard people say “There’s a generation shift, the ‘new generation’ is reviving our wine region”? It is often said about many a wine region. I think that is just, well, to use a polite word, silly. How could there be a generation shift? Generations don’t “shift”. There is a continuous flow from […]

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Milsabores article on BKWine wine tours

Portugal and Bordeaux wine tours in Milsabores

Milsabores is a Venezuelan web site that writes about wine, food and travel. Recently they picked up on the launch of BKWine’s new wine tour program. Milsabores is written by the Venezuelan journalist Maria Luisa Ríos Lares who is also the founder and president of the food writers’ association in Venezuela (ACOGAVE). Maria Luisa mentions […]

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Press Release: Autumn wine and food tours from BKWine Tours: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley

BKWine recently presented its program for the autumn wine and food tours for 2014. BKWine is a world leading tour operator specialised in wine, food and gourmet travel. The autumn program includes two tours to classic wine regions: Bordeaux and the Douro Valley in Portugal. The full programs are available on BKWineTours.com. press release, Paris, […]

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The different kinds of port wine

Port wine types Port wine is of course still the most important thing for most wine producers in the Douro Valley, as you will rapidly notice when you come wine touring in the region. The “table wines”, i.e. wines that are not fortified, have recently become quite famous and very popular, but the traditional port […]

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The Douro Valley region: wine land and vineyards

Looking at Douro as a wine region the Douro is divided into three districts: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior. Corgo is the name of one of the tributaries. Baixo Corgo is the area below Corgo. It has 14,000 hectares of vineyards. Cima Corgo is the area above the river Corgo with 19,000 hectares […]

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Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro

The Douro Valley: a meandering river and terraced vineyards – “Wine Region of the Year”

A brief introduction to an exciting wine region in Portugal I remember very well a picture from the Douro valley which I saw in a wine magazine maybe fifteen years ago or even more. I had never been in the Douro but I knew of the terraced vineyards. The picture was amazing. You could see […]

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Spectacular views, spectacular wines: new wine tour program to the Douro Valley

Travelling to the Douro wine country can almost take your breath away We have just published our new Douro Valley wine tour program. The Douro is one of the most spectacular wine regions in the world. In the last few decades it has seen a renaissance (or revolution?) both for port wine, table wine and […]

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Grilled sardines, a Portuguese speciality

Porto is a great place, not only to start a Douro Valley wine tour

Porto is at the mouth of the Douro River, where it joins the Atlantic. It is the historic and economic centre of the port wine trade. It is also a great place to visit! Porto, or Oporto, is the perfect starting point for a trip to the Douro Valley wine region. But before heading off […]

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A vineyard in the Piedmont

Top ten wine tour and travel destinations in 2013, says the Wine Enthusiast

The US wine magazine publishes its choice of best wine regions to visit The list of the top ten wine travel destinations, according to the US wine magazine The Wine Enthusiast, includes some big surprises and some great classics. Which is the best place to go wine touring is a very personal choice, just like […]

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Douro landscape with terraced vineyards in rain and sunshine

A breathtaking wine and food tour along the winding Douro Valley

The most spectacular wine region in Portugal and perhaps in the world Along the Douro Valley there are several different wine regions but the port wine district is undoubtedly the best known. The Douro River starts in Spain, where it is called the Duero, and ends in the Atlantic in Portugal. In Portugal the valley […]

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“We can only warmly recommend to travel with BKWine Tours!”

Many people directly think of port wine when you mention  the Douro Valley or the city of Porto in northern Portugal. And of course it is correct, this is where port wine comes from. But it is also a wine district that today makes very exciting, delicious “table” wines, both reds and whites. The city […]

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“The memory of the wine tour warms us in the chill of autumn” & a good restaurant in Porto

A traveller’s report from the Douro Valley wine tour with a restaurant recommendation in Oporto K & B travelled with us on the Douro Valley wine tour in northern Portugal this autumn. The tour starts and finishes in the historic city of Porto (sometimes called Oporto), on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. There […]

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Vincent Bouchard and  Kay Steffey Bouchard, Quinta do Tedo, Douro Valley

Five hours on foot in Porto, then you deserve a glass of Quinta do Tedo!

Kay Steffey Bouchard at Quinta do Tedo in the Douro Valley writes an interesting blog about the life and the work at the quinta (the winery and vineyard) run by herself and her French husband Vincent Bouchard. Recently she shared with her readers her “addiction” to walking and she suggests a 5 hour walk in […]

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