A breathtaking wine and food tour along the winding Douro Valley

The most spectacular wine region in Portugal and perhaps in the world

Along the Douro Valley there are several different wine regions but the port wine district is undoubtedly the best known. The Douro River starts in Spain, where it is called the Duero, and ends in the Atlantic in Portugal. In Portugal the valley is home to one of the world’s most spectacular wine region. It is also the origin of many of Portugal very best wines. And of course of the true port wines.

We have just published a (new) sample program, an example of how a wine tour to the Douro Valley can look. We regularly organise wine and food tours to the Douro, as well as to other wine regions in Portugal.

A crazy idea

Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro

Tasting wine in the cellar in the Douro, copyright BKWine Photography

It is difficult to grasp how anyone could get the idea of planting grapes in the Douro Valley.

The vineyards follow the river on slopes that are precipitously steep down to the river. Pity the vineyard worker who missteps in the field! But this also gives the beauty to the landscape, with one breath-taking scenery after another other. At every twist of the river one cannot help saying “ahhh”! Not least in autumn when the hills glitter in green, yellow and red autumn colours.

The wines are world class. Most people are familiar with the port wines (“real” port wine must come from the Douro Valley!). But that the Douro also is the source of many exciting table wines is not so well-known. Almost all port wine producers also make one or more “table” wines (wines that are not fortified, like the port). Often they aim very high, with very ambitious and exciting wines.

Winding roads, genuine food

The Douro River Valley

The Douro River Valley, copyright BKWine Photography

It is a thrilling wine district to travel in. The roads cling to the winding hillsides and sometimes it almost becomes too exciting when you have the feeling that half of the bus is sticking out over the ledge (not true, of course, Portuguese bus drivers are impressive).

It is certainly a special experience, like an exploration, to travel in the Douro Valley. It is a combination of all the time finding wines that continues to surprise with their character and quality and a gastronomy that one is not so familiar with.

The food is often on the rustic side, country side fare, and it is always genuinely Portuguese. One of the surprising delicacies is the barbequed goat! Yes indeed. It may sound strange, at least to some, but it is delicious. They often serve that at one of the wineries where we have lunch on the Douro wine tour. But there are also many other things: charcuteries, cheeses, stews, fish etc.

Take a look at our sample program to see how a wine and food tour to the Douro Valley can look. You can find the program under the menu Our Tours > Popular Destinations. You can check if we have one on our schedule in the menu Our Tours > Scheduled Tours, or you can contact us to discuss a custom wine tour to the Douro.

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Douro landscape with terraced vineyards in rain and sunshine

Douro landscape with terraced vineyards in rain and sunshine, copyright BKWine Photography

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