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Fancy tapas in a bar on Calle Laurel in Logrono, Rioja

Tapas, a culinary treasure from Spain

If there is something that all non-Spanish know about Spanish gastronomy, then it’s tapas! Or any of the tapas ‘cousins’. Tapas are served at most bars and many cafés. Often with local specialities. Sometimes very simple, but sometimes amazingly sophisticated. There is no real difference between tapas, pinchos and pintxos. It is primarily a question […]

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Pebre, pepper, tomato, oinon and herb condiment in Chile

Chile’s food: A quick introduction

Chile is most famous for its asados, just like Argentina, the open-fire barbecues, with beef, pork, lamb, chicken… But there is a tremendous variety of food and restaurants in Chile, everything from steakhouses to sushi. When you enjoy an asado make sure not to focus only on the pieces of meat and poultry. Do try […]

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Sunrise over Mendoza City and the Andes

Mendoza: What to see and do, and where to eat | a quick introduction

It’s as if someone had laid out the city on a chequerboard. The streets form a nice square pattern, at least in the old centre, around the central square, Plaza Independencia. Mendoza is a city that is at the same time big and small. It stretches far out from the centre but still feels like […]

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Eating out in South Africa. Wine touring tips.

South Africa has a very diverse restaurant scene. You can find excellent and very affordable restaurants, as well as very expensive. I would not dare to characterise the Western Cape cuisine (which is the extent of my experience) in any particular way. I find it very eclectic. Anything from pizza (very good!) to French style […]

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Aged cheese

A new food palace in Florence: restaurants, bistro, food market

Top destination in the centre, Mercato Centrale! In the first half of 2014 something exciting happened on the food heaven in Florence. A new very good bistro, several restaurants and a food shopping market opened in Florence. The range of interesting places for us foodies are getting better and better. Most recently the doors to […]

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Le Carceri, a nice restaurant in Florence

A friendly family restaurant to visit when wine touring in Tuscany If you are coming on one of our wine tours to Tuscany it is likely that you will spend a day or two (or more) in Florence either before or after the wine tour. It is certainly a city worth exploring, although in the […]

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Parmesan cheese, pamigiano reggiano maturing in the cellar

“Fantastic culinary experiences!”

We received a mail from a couple who were travelling with us on the wine tour in Veneto in northern Italy recently, where we tasted a whole lot of excellent amarones, as well as more ”normal” Valpolicellas, Bardolino, Soave and Gambellara. On all our tour programs the food and gastronomy almost automatically get a very […]

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An old hilltop village overlooking the vineyards

Restaurant recommendations in Tuscany

Italian wine and food is not only pasta, pizza and wine in a straw basket There are many good restaurants in Tuscany, anything and everything from starred gourmet restaurants to the simplest taverna and wine bar. Here are a few suggestions among our favourites. Even if most people are familiar with the round bottle in […]

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Unusual pears from the food market

At one of the food markets near us (in Vanves) there is a fruit seller with an interesting selectio of products. The other day he convinced us to try some “new” pears. He said that in France there is in practice only three species of pears sold commercially (Poire William and two others I would […]

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