Eating out in South Africa. Wine touring tips.

South Africa has a very diverse restaurant scene. You can find excellent and very affordable restaurants, as well as very expensive. I would not dare to characterise the Western Cape cuisine (which is the extent of my experience) in any particular way. I find it very eclectic. Anything from pizza (very good!) to French style haute cuisine. Perhaps one of the characteristics is this willingness to mix and match. Plus a love for grilled meat, I might add.

I happened to find two articles on eating in Cape Town and in the wine lands that could be of interest to you if you are coming to South Africa.

Enjoying a sunset dinner by the sea

Enjoying a sunset dinner by the sea, copyright BKWine Photography

The New York Times headlines the article “In Cape Town, Fashion With a Side of Fries”. It is not specifically about restaurants but more about design and curious things to do in Cape Town, including eating at I Love My Laundry, apparently a laundromat-and-restaurant. They have several other examples of mixed-activity restaurants that can be exiting to explore when you visit Cape Town.

Read more in the NY Times: “In Cape Town, Fashion With a Side of Fries”.

Wine Tourism in South Africa, one the other hand, goes straight to the point: restaurants to try in the winelands. They have a number of suggestions in Franschhoek and in Paarl. Most are in the country side at wineries so you will need a car or even better, have someone take you there. After all, you are there to taste and drink the wines, aren’t you?

Read more here: Where to eat out in the winelands: Paarl and Franschhoek– Heading For a Food Heaven.

Why not join us on a wine tour to South Africa and explore both the wines and the food in this magnificent country!

Lunch is ready for you Sir

Lunch is ready for you Sir, copyright BKWine Photography

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