“Fantastic culinary experiences!”

We received a mail from a couple who were travelling with us on the wine tour in Veneto in northern Italy recently, where we tasted a whole lot of excellent amarones, as well as more ”normal” Valpolicellas, Bardolino, Soave and Gambellara.

Vineyards in northern Italy

Vineyards in northern Italy

On all our tour programs the food and gastronomy almost automatically get a very prominent place. We put a lot of effort into planning excellent and typical meals that showcase the local gastronomy. Sometimes, quite often, it is essentially top-class luxury meals. Take for example the lunch in the garden of the 15th castello of the Marchesi Fumanelli that he treated us to recently. (We will come back to that here soon!) Sometimes it is more rustic, but typical country fare.

This is one of the things that our guests on the trip remarked on.

This is what they said about the amarone-Valpolicella-Veneto tour:

A big thank you for a very well executed program during the hot days in northern Italy. What added that little extra special was the mix of different types of vineyards and all the different and charismatic wine personalities that we met, each with his/her separate ideas of how to make a good wine.

We had fantastic culinary experiences during our lunches and it was particularly nice with the relaxed planning so that we had the time to talk to each other and savour the atmosphere just a little longer at each winery visit. It was also very enjoyable and valuable with your “entertainment” in the bus about pasta, coffee, corks and screw caps, olive oil, organic farming etc.

— A. & P. Adler, on a wine tour in Veneto with Amarone, Valpolicella and much more

Thank you for the positive words. We are glad that you liked it!

And we hope “a la prossima”!

If you want to read more on what our travellers say about our wine and food tours, click here.

A glass of full-bodied Bardolino wine in northern Italy

A glass of full-bodied Bardolino wine in northern Italy, copyright BKWine Photography


Parmesa cheese, pamigiano reggiano maturing in the cellar

Parmesa cheese, pamigiano reggiano maturing in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

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