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“A passion hard to beat, exceeding expectations”, said about the wine tour to Chile-Argentina with BKWine

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The mountain ridges of the Andes, Buenos Aires’s lively streets, the warm and beautiful vineyard landscapes in Chile, Valparaiso’s gigantic harbour and colourful wooden houses and much more. The wine tour in South America, Chile and Argentina, is full of experiences, and not just wine.

A few decades ago, there were hardly any mentions of South American wine. Today, Chile and Argentina are some of the world’s biggest wine-growing countries in terms of production. In the beginning, they focused mainly on affordable volume wines. Today, they have built on that success and focus on quality. There is an incredible variety of quality producers, wineries that often make world-class wines, but have not yet become famous around the world. But if you travel with someone who knows where to find them, then you will experience many amazing wines.

Vineyards at Vina Vik, Chile
Vineyards at Vina Vik, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

It will be particularly fascinating, and dramatically different from Europe, due to the “lack” of rules. Winemakers grow the grape varieties they want and make the wine in the style they want, without having to comply with rules laid down decades ago in appellation regulations. This creates innovation and experimentation, and unexpected combinations. With often very exciting results.

It is also very exciting to experience the two countries with big contrasts, with two very different cultures and different political systems, although they are both Latin and neighbours.

A river landscape in Colchagua, Chile
A river landscape in Colchagua, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

A wine tour to Chile and Argentina is exciting in many ways. Here are some comments from travellers who toured these two countries with us.

On the wine tour to Chile-Argentina:

We are so very happy with our tour in South America with you, it was amazing!

— Eva N

On the wine tour to Chile-Argentina:

We really enjoyed the tour. Three things I thought stood out on the tour that I didn’t expect:

1) We always had the winemaker do the tasting.  They provided a level of insight and passion that is hard to beat, and really helped a couple of novices understand more of what we were tasting!

2) Your (and the groups, but mostly your) questions inspired the winemaker to discuss some interesting aspects about their winemaking, and on several occasions had them bringing out other wines for us to try.  Those wines were some of the best we tasted. I also appreciate the background you would give us on the bus prior to arriving.

3) The humour, flexibility, and graciousness you brought to the group.  I really appreciated that you interacted with everyone, kept us on schedule, and had a backup plan when things inevitably didn’t go right.  Had you not said we were on plan B sometimes, I never would have known.

Thanks to both you and Britt for organizing a terrific tour!

It was one of the few trips we’ve taken that exceeded our expectations, and has us thinking about adding another wine tasting tour to our list of travels!  Hopefully, we will see you again in another wine region!

— Rick S

Geese in the vineyards at Emiliana in Casablanca Valley
Geese in the vineyards at Emiliana in Casablanca Valley, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour to Chile-Argentina:

Thank you, Britt and Per for a great tour to Argentina and Chile. We are completely satisfied and filled to the brim with all the experiences and memories; what amazing places we visited and were met everywhere a friendly and charming warmth and generosity. We will be very happy to travel with you again.

— Ulla B

On the wine tour to Chile-Argentina:

What wonderful days! I’m not on Facebook, but I’ve looked at all the praise you and Per have received. We can add much more superlatives. One could tell that you put down a great amount of work on this. Everything just worked perfectly, plus we got to share in all your in-depth knowledge. I call your trip a “wine course”. We now have a pleasant problem. As you have understood, I have previously participated in some other wine tours, but now neither my husband nor I will want to participate in any wine tour, unless you are a tour leader. We have become too spoiled. In a year we would like to go on a champagne tour. The condition, see above. We’ll keep a look at on BKWine and Munskänken and then ask you about the details. Thousands of thanks!

— Kristina S

Here you can read even more reviews about what our travellers think about our wine tours.

If you are interested in discovering Chile and Argentina in South America, the wine regions, the exciting wines, the amazingly good food, then you should come on a wine tour to Chile and Argentina with us at BKWine!

An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile
An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography
Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines
Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines, copyright BKWine Photography

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