Safari in South Africa, beautiful video and pictures

On our wine tour to South Africa we usually offer you the option to combine it with a safari, after the “wine segment” of the tour. It is a very special experience. This video, shot by Raja Picture Company, is a beautiful illustration of what you can see on a safari.

It is all shot using a fairly small “consumer” drone. In fact, it is one of the first experiences with a drone for this photographer so it is shot and edited without much fancy effects.

Looking at things from above can be beautiful. There are some stunning views.

Two things strike me, as a photographer, about this short video though. One is that when filming with a drone you apparently tend to get a lot of animal bums on the footage. Animals tend to run away from unidentified noisy flying objects…

The second thing that struck me, especially the second time I watched it, is that when using a drone I think there is a danger to move too much. All the time the camera is moving which can sometimes take away the viewer’s attention from the beautiful landscape and the majestic animals. The camera is moving all the time. It might work better if the drone had been stationary sometimes.

But I am being picky. This is a beautiful clip and maybe it can inspire you to come on our safari add-on, and of course on our South Africa wine tour.

And here are some of my own stills:

A pumba, African wart hog

A pumba, African wart hog, copyright BKWine Photography

A blue Wildebeest

A blue Wildebeest, copyright BKWine Photography

A dirt road over the hills into the wilderness

A dirt road over the hills into the wilderness, copyright BKWine Photography

Facing the leopard

Facing the leopard, copyright BKWine Photography

One of the safari lodges by a lake at the foot of the hills

One of the safari lodges by a lake at the foot of the hills, copyright BKWine Photography

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