Travelling with wine in the baggage? Bring the Wine Check

If you’re travelling in a wine region and want to bring home wine it’s not easy, unless you travel by car. You are not allowed to carry any bottles in the carry-on luggage since restrictions were tightened many years ago, so your only option is to put it in your checked baggage. Not a big problem really if you wrap the bottles well with e.g. bubble wrap. (Or layers of sweaters.) The restrictions on carry-on luggage is supposed to be lifted in 2017 but I haven’t heard anything about it recently.

If you want something with more space and perhaps easier to handle you could try the Lazenne Wine Check.

It is a lightweight roller bag with an insert that can take up to 12 bottles. I have not tried it myself but it seems functional and smarter that other solutions built on “traditional” suitcases. They also sell other wine travel accessories, such as bottle pouches.

Not much space for clothing in there but I guess you have to make priorities.

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The next wine tour with BKWine would be an excellent opportunity to test it!

Lazenne Wine Check travel case for bottles

Lazenne Wine Check travel case for bottles


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