UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #5: Middle Rhine (Mittlerhein)

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district.

This beautiful river valley has been awarded the Unesco honour for its role in history and in trade, but it is of course worth a visit for its beautiful landscapes and its wines too.

German has perhaps as a wine country come a little bit in the shadow of more famous countries. Perhaps it has to do with the history of semi-sweet and not always overly exciting wines. But that era has long since passed. Today Germany makes outstanding wines, many of them steely dry and elegant, often from Riesling but not always. They have also become surprisingly good (for such a northern country) with red wines too.

We only do wine tours to Germany custom made and then it can then be to Middle Rhine, or any other wine region that takes your fancy.

Read more on the wine regions that have been included on the Unesco World Heritage list; the next article will be published in a day or so.

German wine in a bottle

German wine in a bottle, copyright BKWine Photography

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