Which wines should you cellar, and why

“Having an ideal wine cellar with a temperature of around 10-14 degrees year-round is not common. And the wine “fridges” that are available on the market are so expensive that hesitates to buy one when one figures out how much wine one could get for the money instead. Ageing wine under some “worse” conditions, for example at room temperature, is not a big problem if you only plan to keep the wines for a “shorter” period, maybe up to five years. However, it is best to do it in a dark space and with not too excessive temperature variations between summer and winter.”

More on ageing wines and what to keep in Britt’s article on BKWine Magazine: Wines to put down in the cellar & how wine changes with age.

Old bottles in a wine cellar in Loire

Old bottles in a wine cellar in Loire, copyright BKWine Photography

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