Chile & Argentina, January 31 – February 15, 2015


  • 16 days
  • Many wineries & tastings
  • Spectacular Andes
  • Gastronomic meals
  • Price 4800 euro

South America, the unique wine tour to Argentina & Chile!

Join us on a fantastic voyage of discovery in the vineyards of Chile and Argentina! And a breath-taking trip over the Andes.

— Chile and Argentina. Two wine countries on each side of the Andes mountain range. Both with grandiose scenery. And some of the very best wines in the New World. Imagine The Pampas extending to the horizon and the snow covered tops of the Andes, but also beautiful vineyards, impressive wineries, and a pulsating Buenos Aires. We will visit several of the very best vineyards including some very high quality producers that have not yet reach world fame. This tour also includes many other tourist and historic attractions. Outstanding wines that match the local gastronomy perfectly. A unique wine and food tour that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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On the border, welcome to Chile

On the border, welcome to Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

All this and much more is on the program of this two-week trip to South America. The focus of the tour is of course on the wines, the vineyards and the gastronomy but we will also have plenty of time to experience other things: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago de Chile, and Valparaiso.

We will enjoy a top-quality tango evening in Buenos Aires. We will taste Chilean pisco sour and will certainly have many occasions to enjoy the delicious Argentinean meat.

The tour is led and managed by Britt Karlsson, BKWine’s internationally well-known wine expert, wine personality of the year 2011, and author of the book “The Creation of a Wine” that was named World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals. We will also have a local South American guide on the trip. Britt has also been wine judge in several wine competitions in both Chile, and Argentina, as well as in Uruguay and Brazil.

Both Chile and Argentina are wine countries in transformation. Much is happening and much has changed in recent years. New wine regions emerge, new grape varieties are discovered or introduced, new ideas are tested and launched. More and more producers talk about the importance of the work in the vineyard. Of harvesting perfectly ripe but not over-ripe grapes. To achieve balance and elegance. The consumers are demanding wines with more freshness; they do not want heavy over-alcoholic wines. We will see all this in detail when we visit the vineyards. There is an intense energy and experimentation and the wines have never been so good.

Over the course of the tour we will have many wine tastings at some of the very top producers, both well established stars and young ambitious challengers. Perhaps you have not heard of all of them since some have not yet been discovered by the international markets! We have been many times to South America, both Chile and Argentina, so we have had many opportunities to discover and hand pick the most interesting producers.

Vineyards in Argentina with the snow capped Andes

Vineyards in Argentina with the snow capped Andes, copyright BKWine Photography

We will start the voyage in Buenos Aires where Europe and the Americas blend in an exiting mix. Sometimes you may think you are in Paris, sometimes Milan. But it is definitely South America. There are some world class restaurants as well as cosy bistros, you can stroll around the city, have an espresso at one of the many cafés.

From Buenos Aires the metropolis we take a plane to Mendoza, Argentina’s biggest and most important wine region. Two thirds of all Argentinian wine comes from here. Mendoza is impressive, the snow-capped Andes in the background, almost like a stage set, and the brilliant sharp blue sky.

Wine tasting at a restaurant in Argentina

Wine tasting at a restaurant in Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Argentina is a country with a long tradition in making wine. It is considered a New World country but it is very influenced by “old world” winemaking. It has always been the biggest wine consumer in South America and wine has a long history here. And with all the Spanish and Italian families that one can find here that should not come as a surprise.

After a few days in the vineyards and wine cellars of Mendoza we will leave the region and have a very memorable day. We will take the bus across the Andes, to Chile on the other side. Yes, it is a long bus trip (but comfortable) but well worth it! It is spectacular with the zigzagging roads and mountain tops. A very special experience.

The Chilean wine regions await us on the other side of the Andes. We start the exploration in Maipo that is close to the capital Santiago de Chile. Then we continue to the beautiful Colchagua Valley. We will finish with the much more recent, but exciting wine district Casablanca that is very close to the coast.

After a visit to Valparaiso and Santiago it is time to return home.

The trip takes place in February so it is nice and warm summer weather. The wine harvest is approaching; the grapes are almost ready to be picked. As always on our wine tours, food will also be prominently featured. We will enjoy many gastronomic lunches at the wineries we visit. It is almost just as much a gourmet tour or foodie tour as a wine tour! We will try the local specialities, not least the outstanding meat of course, often grilled over open fires. And both Buenos Aires and Santiago have many high-class restaurants. Excellent food is an important part of a wine tour, is it not? We certainly think so!

We will be a small wine and food enthusiast group; this tour will have a maximum of 22 participants.

A modern winery in Argentina

A modern winery in Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Program — wine tour to Argentina and Chile

Preliminary program.

There may be changes to some details of the program, e.g. which wineries we visit. As always on our wine tours we put a great emphasis on that the visit will be exceptional and memorable. We do not always visit the most well-known or “famous” wineries (those that have half a dozen guides employed) but instead those that will give you a unique experience.

For more details, contact BKWine.

Program overview

  • Day 1 — Departure for Buenos Aires in Argentina
  • Day 2 — Arrival in Buenos Aires
  • Day 3-4 — Explore Buenos Aires
  • Day 5-7 — Wine and food in Argentina, the Mendoza wine district
  • Day 8 — A spectacular crossing of the Andes to Chile
  • Day 9-12 — The wine regions of Chile, Santa Cruz
  • Day 13 — Santiago de Chile
  • Day 14 — Valparaíso and Gran Final Asado lunch
  • Day 15 — Departure from Santiago de Chile
  • Dag 16 — Arrival at home

Day 1, Saturday, January 31
— Departure for South America

You leave from your home location. (Departure and arrival will be different depending on what your departure location is. See more info below.)

Day 2, Sunday, February 1
— Arrival in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Arrival in the morning to Buenos Aires, Ezeiza International Airport-EZE. In most cases you will arrive on an over-night flight.

The flag of Argentina

The flag of Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Most of us will probably arrive with a morning flight from Europe or North America. When we have all received our luggage and have been through all formalities we are ready to leave the airport.

It is soon lunch time and we will head to the Puerto Madero district, a part of the city that has recently been totally renovated. Old warehouses along the Rio de la Plata river have been transformed into fashionable shops, charming cafés and friendly restaurants overlooking the water.

Here we will enjoy our first lunch, a welcome lunch. And we will of course start to get acquainted with the Argentinian wines.

After lunch we will check in at our Buenos Aires hotel, the Intersur Recoleta Hotel ****. We will stay here for three nights. The hotel is very central, located in the Recoleta district, a historically interesting and elegant part of the city. It is also close to the main shopping areas and several museums.

The rest of the day is free to relax. After the long journey a bit of R&R can be welcome, or perhaps a first walk in the city.

In the San Telmo district in Buenos Aires

In the San Telmo district in Buenos Aires, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 3, Monday, February 2
— Buenos Aires and its sights, a South American metropolis and tango evening (Argentina)

Today we will spend exploring the city of Buenos Aires. After breakfast we will board our bus and our own local guide will take us on a sight-seeing tour around the city.

The Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

The Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, copyright BKWine Photography

Our bus will take us around this big city but we will also hop of the bus to have a closer look on some of the sites on foot, for example the famous Recoleta cemetery where Evita Peron is buried.

We will see some of the most famous sites, like the Plaza de Mayo with the pink presidential palace called, naturally, Casa Rosada, the impressive congress, and colonial churches such as Santo Domingo. We will also explore the colourful La Boca district.

The tour will take a few hours. Halfway along the route we will stop at a restaurant to enjoy our second Argentinian lunch. Wit it we will have some typical Argentinian wines from some of the less well-known – but no less interesting – grape varieties, such as torrontés and bonarda.

Later in the evening it is time to tango. We will head for the Abasto district that previously was host to the big fruit and vegetable markets in Buenos Aires. The district is also famous thanks to Carlos Gardel, the tango musician and singer, lived here most of his life.

Tango on a street corner

Tango on a street corner, copyright BKWine Photography

We will enjoy a magnificent tango show at the theatre that today carries his name, Esquina Carlos Gardel.

After a three-course dinner the show starts. Tango is a genuine Argentinian creation and the show will show you how authentic tango has evolved from the the early 1920 to today.

Today we think of tango as something elegant and glamorous but originally it was the working class and the brothels that pioneered it. The upper classes saw the daring moves as quite shocking. We can promise you a very special, artful and skilful show with dance, music and song.

It will be a late evening, with both dinner and tango show, and Argentinian hours, so the a leisurely  morning the following day can be a good idea.

The pink presidential palace in Buenos Aires

The pink presidential palace in Buenos Aires, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 4, Tuesday, February 3
— Explore Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Today you can stroll around the city on your own, have a strong Argentinian espresso in a café, or a glass of wine, visit a museum or rest. The evening is also free to explore the restaurants and night life of the city.

A church at the Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires

A church at the Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 5, Wednesday, February 4
— To Mendoza: the wine region of Luján de Cuyo (Argentina)

Today we board an early morning flight to Mendoza, some 1000 kilometres (620 miles) north west of Buenos Aires.

We arrive just in time to make a visit to a small winery before lunch. Here we will also have a tasty lunch, an Argentinian asado, and we will enjoy not only the wines but also the beautiful view of the Andes.

In the afternoon we have time for yet another visit. It will be with a family firm that strives to make the perfect malbec wine! After this introduction to Argentina’s most famous grape, we go to the city of Mendoza.

We check in at the Hotel Sheraton Mendoza*****, in the centre of city of Mendoza. Here we will stay for three nights. The hotel has several restaurants, for example one on the 17th floor with a magnificent 360 view over the city and the Andes.

Free evening to discover Mendoza. We will be happy to give you recommendations for restaurants.

A traditional asado barbecue at a vineyard in Argentina

A traditional asado barbecue at a vineyard in Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 6, Thursday, February 5
— Wine in Mendoza, the Maipú region (Argentina)

Today we visit a few different properties, for example the important winery called Finca Flichman, a very old estate.

A barrel cellar in a winery in Mendoza, Argentina

A barrel cellar in a winery in Mendoza, Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Finca Lichman is not only one of the bigger wineries but also one of the biggest exporters of Argentinian wines. They have done a lot of work on modern wine production techniques, both in the vineyards and in the cellar.

We will also visit a smaller family-owned vineyard where we will be invited to lunch. The family has been making wine in Mendoza for four generationis.

We will first go for a walk in the vineyard. One of the things you should do on a wine tour is to inspect the vines and taste the grapes. We will have a tasting of their wines and then it is time for aperitif and some tasty bruschetta made with the olive oil from the farm. Then we will sit down for lunch and several family members will join us around the table.

Late afternoon we will be back at the hotel in Mendoza.

Free evening to explore Mendoza. Perhaps an evening stroll on the Plaza Independencia where they have a late night arts and crafts market?

Lunching at the Zuccardi winery in Mendoza

Lunching at the Zuccardi winery in Mendoza, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 7, Friday, February 6
— Wine in Mendoza, the Uco Valley (Argentina)

Today we go a little further south, to the beautiful Uco Valley. It is about an hour’s drive along the country-side roads before we arrive at the vineyards.

The Melipal winery in Mendoza

The Melipal winery in Mendoza, copyright BKWine Photography

Valle de Uco has in recent years become more and more attractive to growers in Mendoza. Many people have bought land here and built spectacular wineries.

The valley is closer to the Andes than other parts of Mendoza and the vines are grown at very high altitudes.

The grapes mature slowly due to cool nights which give added flavour and nice acidity to the wines. Above the vineyards towers Mount Tupungato, a still active volcano and one of the highest mountains in South America.

We will visit 2 or 3 different wineries here in Uco Valley and we will have lunch at the organic  French-owned winery Domaine Bousquet.

Early evening we are back in Mendoza and the evening is free for your own activities.

Tasting wines at the Melipal winery in Mendoza

Tasting wines at the Melipal winery in Mendoza, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 8, Saturday, February 7
— Spectacular crossing of the Andes, to Santiago de Chile

Today we say goodbye to Mendoza and to Argentina and board our bus that will take us to over the Andes to Santiago de Chile. The trip will take the better part of the day. Not all of it is spent in the bus though since the border crossing can take quite some time. In total the trip will take 6 to 8 hours.

The snow capped mountain tops of the Andes

The snow capped mountain tops of the Andes, copyright BKWine Photography

It is a really spectacular trip, well worth spending a good part of the day in a bus. Heading towards the Chilean border we will get higher and higher and at the border we will have reached 3500 metres (almost 12 000 feet). We can see in the distance Aconcagua, the highest mountain tops of the Andes and of the whole of the Americas with its 6959 metres (22 831 feet).

The roads across the Andes are very good but very winding. 27 curves on one mountain side is the record. We pass ski resorts, mountain ranges of varying colour and shapes, deserts, small villages, rivers and spectacular views. The landscape changes all the time.

We will stop for lunch on our way shortly after passing the border to Chile.

When we arrive in Santiago we check in to our Hotel Torremayor where we will stay one night.

In the evening you will probably want to stretch your legs a bit after the trip. The evening is free in Santiago.

The winding road across the Andes between Chile and Argentina

The winding road across the Andes between Chile and Argentina, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 9, Sunday, February 8
— Cachapoal and Santa Cruz (Chile)

We check out from the hotel in the morning and begin our exploration of the Chilean wine regions. We travel south, some 50 miles (80 km), and arrive in the Cachapoal region.

De Martino Grand Reserva Legado Merlot Valle de Maipu 2010 and Carmenere

De Martino Grand Reserva Legado Merlot Valle de Maipu 2010 and Carmenere

The landscape here is charming and beautiful. We will visit a winery that is surrounded by hilltops and vineyard fields to the horizon. In this region summer is warm and dry and both carmenère and sauvignon thrive here. After a short visit we will sit down and relax and enjoy a delicious lunch.

After lunch we continue to another of the famous wine districts in Chile, to Colchagua and the small town of Santa Cruz. We are not some 125 miles (200 km) south of Santiago.

We check in to the Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, a beautiful hotel in hacienda style. We will stay here for four nights. The hotel has a swimming pool, a spa, and two restaurants.

The evening is free.

Santa Cruz is a small town in the Chilean country-side. Our hotel is very comfortable with a pool, bars, restaurant and even a cultural and historic museum. In the town you can also find some traditional restaurants that serve genuine and hearty food.

A mansion at a winery in Chile

A mansion at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 10, Monday, February 9
— Colchagua: Viña VIK – a spectacular project (Chile)

Today we will make a visit to the exiting Vina VIK winery, a project created by the Norwegian financier and entrepreneur Alexander Vik. It is a spectacular place with the ambition to make onoe of the world’s best wines.

Serving delicious wine from a magnum

Serving delicious wine from a magnum, copyright BKWine Photography

The first vintage of the Bordeaux inspired wine was made in 2009. The Norwegian businessman Alexander Vik asked Patrick Valette to find land suitable to make wine in Chile or Argentina. Patrick’s family previously owned Chateau Pavie in Saint Emilion, one of the most prestigious chateaux in Bordeaux, so he was well qualified for the task.

When Patrick had found the right land for the project he was also asked to take charge of the wine production and of the whole project.

Today they have some 300 hectares (740 acres) planted but they plan to grow. The whole property covers some 4000 hectares (10,000 acres). The new wine cellar building was inaugurated for the 2014 vintage and is quite spectacular… All about this lunch is spectacular.

We will try a few different vintages of this rare and exclusive wine and the it is time for a lovely asado lunch in the shade under the trees. We will enjoy the views of the landscape, the wine, the food…

Few people have visited this unique place. Vik only receives a very select number of visitors. When we were there the first time Patrick happened to mention: “BKWine is actually the first visitors that we receive like this.” Sometimes it helps to have a unique reputation in the wine business.

In the afternoon we will be back at our hotel.

The evening is free. What about meeting at the pool for an early evening pisco sour?

A spectacular building on the hilltop overlooking the vineyard

A spectacular building on the hilltop overlooking the vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 11, Tuesday, February 10
— Blend-your-own-wine workshop in Colchagua (Chile)

Today we will have some practical exercises at a winery called Montgras in Colchagua. A modern winery that also has a “library” of different grape varieties in the vineyard.

Alpaca lama at a winery in Chile

Alpaca lamas at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

We start the day with a visit to the vineyard. After that the hard work begins.

We will learn the art of blending wine. You will start with “raw material” in the form of tank samples of different grape varieties and the task is to make the best possible blend of it. Just like the winemakers do. How do they get the perfect blend? Easy or difficult? You will judge for yourself!

When you are happy with your blend and the mixing is done we will hop on our bus to go up to the hilly region of Ninquén where Montgras has one if their vineyards. We will have an al fresco barbecue in the vineyards with salmon ceviche and empanadas, grilled meat, fresh fish en papillote, fresh fruit and delicious salads. With a number of different wines from Montgras.

After lunch we will have time for one more winery visit. Late afternoon we come back to our hotel for some free time to spend maybe around the swimming pool.

Blend-you-own-wine workshop at a vineyard in Chile

Blend-you-own-wine workshop at a vineyard in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 12, Wednesday, February 11
— Colchagua (Chile)

We will spend one more day in beautiful Colchagua. First we will visit an organic wine producer and then we will go to an exclusive boutique winery and restaurant.

Geese in the vineyard at a winery in Chile

Geese in the vineyard at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

We will visit Cono Sur in Chimbarongo, well-known for their excellent wines abut also for their efforts in developing organic and sustainable wine growing. They have geese in the vineyards that munch on some of the dangerous (for the vines) insects. They have planted trees in and around the vineyards to improve biodiversity. They will tell us much more about their work with the environment.

Another estate on the program today is the high quality boutique winery Viña Bisquertt.

We will have lunch at Viu Manent, in their top-quality restaurant Rayuela Wine & Grill. We will be treated to local food specialities that match perfectly the wines from cabernet, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and malbec from the winery.

Late afternoon we will be back in Santa Cruz. Evening on your own. Feel like something different? Surprisingly, there is a sushi restaurant in the small town!

An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile

An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 13, Thursday, February 12
— Santiago de Chile

We checkout and leave our hotel in Santa Cruz in the morning and head for Santiago. On our way back we will stop at a winery for lunch.

The Chilean flag

The Chilean flag, copyright BKWine Photography

Just before we reach the capital we make a stop at a vineyard in Maipo,the well-known Undurraga. We start with an interesting tour of the estate, that among other things includes a visit to their private museum with old indian art and craft, and some wine tasting.

This is followed by an asado in their quite and calm garden. There will be several different types of things on the grill, not least an entire Patagonian lamb.

Undurraga is one of the classic wine producers in Chile, founded in the 19th century by Don Francisco Undurraga. They make a wide range of wines, from everyday wines to top quality wines from several different regions in Chile. In recent years their sparkling wines have received much attention.

After lunch, when we arrive in Santiago, we check in to our hotel Torremayor where we will stay for two more nights.

The afternoon is dedicated to discovering Santiago. Our bus will take us around to the sites. We will visit the historic districts around the presidential palace and the lively Plaza de Armas with its Baroque cathedral and the beautiful post office (!). We will go up to the Cerro San Cristóbal where you have the best view over the city and over the Andes and where we can admire the gigantic statue of the Virgin Mary keeping watch over the city.

In the evening you can spend time discovering some of the restaurants, cafés and wine bars in the city.

A glass of wine in the evening in Chile

A glass of wine in the evening in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 14, Friday, February 13
— Valparaiso and Casablanca, Gran Final Asado Campestre (Chile)

We make an early morning start to drive out to the coast to visit the historic harbour city of Valparaiso.

View over Valparaiso in Chile

View over Valparaiso in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

The road to Valparaíso (that the Chileans pronounce Valpara-E-so) passes through the wine region of Casablanca that has recently become famous for its excellent white wines. Some experts say that the peculiar micro-climate here, close to the coast, is perfect for growing grapes.

There are not only vineyards but also e.g. lemon grooves, avocados (palta in Chile) and flower nurseries.

Valparaiso is the most important port city in Chile. It has a special character, built on 42 hills. They have unique trams that take you across the city and colourful houses line the incredibly steep streets.

After a morning of sightseeing in Valparaiso we leave town and head back towards Santiago. But we make an important stop along the way, in the vineyards of Casablanca.

We will enjoy a farewell lunch at one of the quality wine producers in the Valley.  It will be a magnificent Asado Campestre, an country-style barbecue, a wonderful gastronomic and oenologic end to our wine and food tour.

Late afternoon we return to Santiago and the rest of the day is free. Perhaps some shopping still to be done, a visit to a wine bar (or two) for some tapas after our “rustic” Gran Final lunch?

Tasting and lunch in the garden at a winery in Chile

Tasting and lunch in the garden at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Day 15, Saturday, February 14
— Leave Santiago de Chile for home

Today it is time to leave Chile. The tour is finished after breakfast at the hotel. We will be glad to help you organise and coordinate your transfer to the airport to fit with all different flight plans, home or to continue your journey.

Day 16, Sunday, February 15
— Arrival back home

Arrival back to your home location, depending on flight arrangements.

The program may be subject to minor modifications.

View over the vineyards and the mountains in Chile

View over the vineyards and the mountains in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Fact sheet — Wine tour to Argentina and Chile

Dates: January 31 – February 15, 2015

Price per person: 4800 euro

Single room supplement: 1100 euro

Subject to changes of airport and flight taxes and changes in the dollar exchange rate.

Included in the price:

  • Flight: Buenos Aires – Mendoza
  • Bus from Mendoza (Argentina) – Santiago de Chile, across the Andes
  • 13 nights in hotels at 4-star and 5 -star hotels, including breakfast
  • Meals (*): all meals as described in the program above, including wine, in other words:
    • 12 high quality gastronomic lunches with local specialities, including wines and tastings, in most cases as guests at wineries or at local restaurants
    • One dinner with tango show in Buenos Aires
  • Start point: Buenos Aires. End point: Santiago de Chile
  • Bus transport during the whole trip
  • Day excursion as per the above program, including entry fees when relevant
  • All winery visits, including extensive private tastings (approx 20)
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Wine guiding and wine tutoring by an expert BKWine guide, Britt Karlsson (see more below)

(*) See below for more on our meals.

Guiding is in English.

Not included:

  • Travel to the destination and back to your home location

You arrange your own travel to Buenos Aires and back home from Santiago de Chile.

If you want assistance with organising your flight tickets, please contact us.

We warmly recommend spending a few days extra if you want to prolong your vacation.

For this trip to take place we must have a minimum of 16 participants registered at the “book before” date. Maximum number of travel guests: 22.


We have chosen to not include the flights in this tour. Here’s why.

We have customers coming from many different countries, and even different continents. By allowing you to book your own flights it gives you maximum flexibility in how and when to travel.

Today it is also in many cases cheaper to buy flight tickets as an individual than as a tour operator (especially a small and very specialised niche tour operator). We have chosen to put all our effort into creating an exceptional travel program and still keep the cost reasonable, instead of including a flight booking service and therefore have to cut corners on the on-location program. In this way, you as a travel guest, get much more value for your money we believe.

We will do all we can to make it easy for you to arrange your travel and can also put you in contact with a travel agent partner if you want more assistance with booking flights. Do contact us if you have any questions regarding flight arrangements.

Special booking and cancellation conditions

For the Chile and Argentina wine tour special booking conditions apply, different from those in our general Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation of booking can be done according to the following:

  • More than 61 days before the beginning of the trip: the Traveller pays a fee equivalent to the Booking Fee.
  • 46 to 60 days before the beginning of the trip: the Traveller pays a fee equivalent to 75% of the total price.
  • 45 days or less before the beginning of the trip: the Traveller pays the full fee.

Please note: BKWine does not sell “cancellation insurance” or “travel insurance”. We advice you to contact you regular insurer or a travel insurance specialist.

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More on our wine tours


About the wine producers and wineries we visit

One of Chile's famous winemakers

One of Chile’s famous winemakers, copyright BKWine Photography

Our aim is that you shall experience some of the best and most interesting that the wine region has to offer, both of wine and food.

We put a big effort into finding and creating outstanding winery visits. Often it will not be the most “famous” and internationally well-known wineries that will give you the best and most unique experiences…

It is usually when you get to meet the winemaker or winery owner himself (or often herself) that the visits become really exciting. And perhaps we even meet the whole family at the estate.

You start discussing and start to understand what it is they do and why in the winery and in the vineyard. Maybe we will also have lunch in the winery or at their home. Need we say we invariably have private wine tastings at the wineries?

That is why our trips are not “jam packed” with visits at wineries. Nevertheless we often run short of time since the discussions – and the wine tastings – can easily become very engaging…

Our wine country tours typically include a mix of small family producers, exclusive boutique wineries and larger internationally well-known wine estates, all selected with great care so that it will give you a unique experience of the people and of the behind-the-scenes in the winery and a good understanding of the wine district’s characteristics, tradition and culture.

At the time of publishing a travel program not all visits have been finalised. We are continuously working on improving the program. The domaines / wineries / châteaux that we visit on a tour may therefore sometimes differ from what was written in the original program. Contact us if you want more details, or if you have any special requests.

On meals: food and gastronomy

Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Preparing a wine tasting and lunch

Wine and food are intimately linked. That is part of our wine travel philosophy; wine is an integral part of the gastronomy.

A wine tour with BKWine will therefore also be a gastronomic experience.

The meals that are included in a tour with BKWine are on a gourmet level and of very high standard.

Sometimes we will have a meal with a winemaker, perhaps in the wine cellar or at the winery, or even in their home. This is a unique experience that is generally not open to other visitors to wineries. It is an occasion to experience exciting combinations of food and wine while discussing with the people who made the wine.

Sometimes we will have a luxurious meal at a gourmet restaurant. At other times it may be not at a prestigious luxury address but at a local restaurant selected for its presentation of local gastronomic specialities, its atmosphere and its quality – a place where locals go. Or perhaps it will be a buffet lunch made at home by the winemaker and his wife. In all cases we want to show you local gastronomic specialities and the local food and wine pairings.

Do not expect a picnic with salad and sausage from the supermarket and wine in plastic mugs… Think instead of a wine-and-dine experience with specially composed menu with three or four courses and delicious wines.

A wine tour with BKWine is also a culinary experience both for the wine enthusiast and for the gourmet. A gourmet wine tour!

Why travel with BKWine?

Wine slowly aging in the barrel cellar

Wine slowly aging in the barrel cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

We are experts and specialists in wine and food tours and wine tourism, but also in wine in a broader perspective.

No other tour operator has a comparable knowledge and experience of wine, wine regions, wine tours and gourmet travel as BKWine.

We have organised hundreds of wine and food tours. This is what we love to do, because it is fun and exciting. What we want more than anything is to share with you all these wonderful experiences.

It does not matter if you are “a total novice” on wine and food or if you have a life-long experience in the wine sector. We will give you a very special experience, in a way that no other tour operator can do.

We write in specialised wine magazines and one of our books has won the prize as best wine book in the world. We are regularly called on to be part of judging panels in wine competitions.

We personally visit some 300 vineyards every year. We have organised several hundreds of wine and food tours with an experience going back more than twenty years. We are invited as speakers at wine tourism and culinary touring conferences.

We choose our tour destinations and winery visits with great care. Not because a winery happens to be carrying a “famous name” but because they will give our guests — you! — a unique and special experience. You may be looking for a short wine week-end holiday or a longer wine vacation; in all cases you can be confident that you will get a top quality tour, an experience of a lifetime. Or at least one that will last you until the next time you come on a wine tour with BKWine. Many of our travellers are returning clients.

A wine and food tour with BKWine is always guided by a knowledgeable and experienced BKWine guide and tour manager, someone who knows the ins and outs of wine, of the local gastronomy, of the culture and who speaks the language.

Some accolades we at BKWine and our wine and food tours have received:

  • “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the world’s biggest travel magazine
  • “Best wine tasting holidays”, AOL Travel’s list of top wine tours
  • “Recommended Wine Tours” by Munskankarna, the world’s biggest wine tasting and wine appreciation association
  • “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals” as well as “Best Wine Book of the Year” in Sweden 2010 for the book The Creation of a Wine
  • “Best wine book for Professionals” again in 2012 in Sweden, as well as silver, runner-up, as “World’s Best Educational Wine Book” for the book Wine and the Environment
  • “Wine Personality of the Year” by Munskankarna, the world’s biggest wine tasting and wine appreciation association
  • On the Wine Media Power List by Wine Business International Magazine (Britt, 2012)

Read more on why to choose BKWine for a wine and food tour.

Read more on what previous travellers have said about our tours.

Important information

Our groups are always small. The group size may vary, sometimes maximum 8, sometimes 20, but always of a modest size (we do not do “minimum 20, maximum 45″). Check the details in each program. This is important since it guarantees a quality experience and a personal welcome at the wineries we visit.

BKWine is a Swedish registered travel organiser. BKWine has a bonded travel guarantee deposit so that you can feel safe when booking with us. We fully comply with European and Swedish travel guarantee regulations. British travellers may be familiar with the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) protection scheme which is a similar model. BKWine follows the code of conduct and financial safeguards defined by the Swedish Consumer Agency and The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (“Kammarkollegiet”, with a history dating back to 1539). Read more about this in our Booking Terms and Conditions.

Read the BKWine Booking Terms and Conditions here. They are important to you!

You organise your travel independently to the destination for most of our tours but on location we take care of everything.

For more inspiration

Read our wine travel blog. And also:

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Newsletter on wine

Subscribe to our free wine and travel newsletter, the BKWine Brief. Each month it gives you news from the world of wine, restaurant recommendations, tips on our favourite wine producers and much more. And keeps you updated on upcoming wine and food tours.

Custom Tours

We also do custom wine and food tours if you want to choose different dates or if you want something different than what we currently offer on our scheduled tours – for individuals, companies, professionals, wine tastings clubs etc.

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6 Comments to Chile & Argentina, January 31 – February 15, 2015

  1. Edward Baum September 14, 2013 at 02:18 #

    We are beginning to look at a tour in the third week of December, 2014.

    • Per Karlsson November 4, 2013 at 17:18 #

      Edward, If you are still considering joining us on this tour it would be wise to do it as early as possible. When we get well into December it may be that we can no longer guarantee that there is space left.


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