The biggest wine producer in the Loire Valley focuses on quality

“Maison Ackerman is a famous producer of sparkling wine in the Loire Valley. The company is part of a bigger group that owns 1120 acres (453 hectares) throughout the Loire Valley, from Muscadet close to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, to Sancerre in the east. In addition, they buy grapes from 186 growers. In total the group disposes of 3660 acres (1480 hectares). This makes the Ackerman Group the largest wine producer in the Loire Valley.

61% of the wines are still wines. The company is the second largest rosé producer and the biggest exporter in the Loire. Now the company wants to be not only the biggest but also the best.”

Read more in Britt’s article on BKWine Magazine, originally published on Forbes: New strategy for Ackerman, one of the biggest producers in the Loire | Britt on Forbes.

And here’s how a Loire Valley wine tour can look.

A chateau in the vineyards in the Loire Valley

A chateau in the vineyards in the Loire Valley, copyright BKWine Photography

Scallops in cream sauce, Loire

Scallops in cream sauce, Loire, copyright BKWine Photography

The Sancerre hill-top village

The Sancerre hill-top village, Loire, copyright BKWine Photography


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