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The Atlantic Ocean is 50 kilometres away from the wine district of Bordeaux. But the Ocean still plays a major role for the climate and the weather. There is a lot of water around Bordeaux.

The elegant city of Bordeaux is located on the river Garonne. Garonne merges with the Dordogne, another large river, north of the city. Together they form the bay Gironde which reaches the Atlantic Ocean after 70 kilometres.

In Gironde there was a lot of sturgeon a hundred years ago. They are back now, but farmed, not wild any-more. The caviar from Bordeaux is now famous.

Ducks and foie gras from the Bordeaux district are also famous and something that you must try when you are there. Grilled duck breasts (magret de canard) go very well with a Saint Emilion, Saint Julien or a Pessac-Léognan. Or try an entrecote bordelaise or oysters with a crispy Entre-deux-Mers. The food is delicious in Bordeaux and our chateaux lunches are luxurious.

Our Bordeaux wine tour takes place in early May.  (And then again a Bordeaux wine tour in the autumn.)

Chateau la Dauphine in Bordeaux beautifully renovated

Chateau la Dauphine in Bordeaux beautifully, copyright BKWine Photography

A tower in the vineyard

A tower in the vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau

Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau, copyright BKWine Photography

Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest

Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest, copyright BKWine Photography

A wine tasting at a wine producer's

A wine tasting at a wine producer’s, copyright BKWine Photography

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