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2022 was an exceptional year in Champagne (as well as in many other regions in France). It was exceptionally hot all summer and very dry. But in spite of that the vintage promises to be exceptional. A very hot year tends to produce wine that can lack freshness (i.e. have low acidity).

But one of the wine producers we visited shortly after harvest said, “when we tasted the wines after it had finished fermentation it had a fantastic surprising freshness.” And then he continued, “here, I’ll show you,” and off he went to draw a sample from one of the big tanks to have us taste the wine “in the making” from the tank. And indeed, it was excellent. That’s the kind of surprises you can have when the people trust you and know who you are. “Hey, let’s take some from the tank.”

That’s also why it can be a bit unpredictable what will happen on a visit. It’s a question of the winemaker’s inspiration.

That’s not the kind of experience that you’ll get if you go visit the big and famous houses, where everything is orchestrated and controlled to the last millimetre to be impressive and dazzling. That’s also why we prefer to visit smaller producers where you get to meet real people.

Come on a real wine tour to Champagne with us.

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Bottles in a pupitre in the cellar of Champagne J Lassalle
Bottles in a pupitre in the cellar of Champagne J Lassalle, copyright BKWine Photography
Pinot noir harvested in a vineyard in Champagne
Pinot Noir harvested in a vineyard in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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