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Maybe this is self-evident but still, certain producers in Champagne like to point out the fact that Champagne is a wine, not just bubbles. Maybe because so many people only drink Champagne at festive occasions when what is in the glass perhaps is not the most important thing. They just enjoy the bubbles.

Many high-quality Champagnes absolutely deserve to be enjoyed as a wine, at the dinner table and not only as a quickly-forgotten aperitif. To have Champagne all through a meal is a great experience and you will have several such meals on this tour with us to Champagne. We will arrive just in time for the harvest, or maybe just after, the harvest is expected to be early this year.

Join us on this Champagne wine tour at the end of September.

And if you happen to read Swedish you can read our unique and award-winning book on growers’ champagne.

A village and vineyards in Vallee de la Marne, Champagne

A village and vineyards in Vallee de la Marne, Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

Cave Colbert wine shop in Reims

Cave Colbert wine shop in Reims, copyright BKWine Photography

Champagne as aperitif to start lunch

Champagne as aperitif to start lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

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