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Comments from happy customers on our wine tour to Bordeaux

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It is always fun to hear from those who have travelled with us, to hear what they thought about our tour. Getting feedback is always positive. It is particularly nice when travellers seem to have liked what we did and appreciated all the experiences we arranged, vineyard visits, meetings with winemakers, wine tastings, gourmet meals and more. (And if you twist my arm I have to admit that this kind of positive feedback is virtually the only type we get.)

Here are some comments we received from various people who travelled with us in Bordeaux.

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

Now we have been home a month from our lovely tour to Bordeaux. Your wine tours and your guiding are always excellent. It is so good that we can hardly imagine travelling in any other way. We stayed one additional day in Bordeaux and it was great. We now live on memories of Médoc, Graves, Sauternes and St Emilion, good food and especially good wines in nice company.

— Rosemarie & Christer

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

It would be wrong to say that the trip to Bordeaux was unusually successful – because it was just as successful as all your tours. You really excelled with your great knowledge and your love for Bordeaux. Many thanks! What a charming city and what lovely surroundings you showed us. This is a city one would love to return to.

— BR

Starting lunch with Chateau Carbonnieux, Graves, as aperitif on the terrasse
Starting lunch with Chateau Carbonnieux, Graves, as aperitif on the terrasse, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

From 27 degrees C (Bordeaux) to 6 (home) feels brutal – what is warming is the warm and beautiful feeling from our week in Bordeaux. We had the opportunity to experience the city for three days before the wine tour and are hugely positive about the city. The environment of the old town, churches and art museums, not to mention la Cité du Vin. A pedagogical triumph.

The wine tour with you was incredibly outstanding. We do not want to rate it because then people might think that other tours with BKWine would have worse grades and that is not the case. It is incredibly difficult to compare and do “the top ten”, for instance comparing with Campania / Benevento, Piemonte / Asti / Alba, Sicily / Syracuse and many other tours we’ve done with BKWine.

So why was this tour so fantastically good (10 out of 10)?

  • Your leadership created a very nice atomsphere in the group, the bus and during the visits.
  • You shared all your wine knowledge in an informal, excellent way.
  • The choice of wine producers. Not the big & famous ones where it can be boring and formal but instead the lesser-known ones and smaller ones where we came much closer to the owners’ philosophy and strategies.
  • The number of visits – exactly right. With the long lunches we had we cannot do more than 2-3 visits in a day.
  • Generous lunches with interesting wines. The last one at Ch. Haut-Bailly was the best – delicious and perfekt.
  • The possibilities for vertical tastings were a big plus!

So, a really huge thank you – we like you and your tours so much.

— Ingrid & Per

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

We had an exceptionally successful wine tour to Bordeaux in early September. The winery visits were well chosen and interesting, the lunches were superb and we had an expert and friendly guide, personified in Per. All travellers were very satisfied and already during the trip we began to discuss next year’s tour. And we would like to use BKWine’s services also next autumn.

— Goran

(On a custom made trip for a wine tasting association.)

Wine barrels in the cellar
Wine barrels in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

Thank you for very nice days in Bordeaux! We are so happy and satisfied. Nice visits, interesting information about wine production in this region, I have learned a lot of new things and that is fun. The wine lunches were very delicious and nice! We will be very happy to return on another tour with you; we are interested in Chile and Argentina, and also South Africa; we just have to decide and to make sure the time is right. It’s such a great luxury to have everything prepared and organised for you, you just arrive and everything is arranged. If you travel on your own, you have to do a lot of preparations yourself (*). We are very pleased. It’s so nice to take part in a trip where everything is perfect, and in addition try such amazing wines, and the lunches were absolutely outstanding!

— Elisabeth & David

(*) And in fact, if one travels as an individual, even if one prepares carefully, one can never achieve the same receptions at the vineyards as if you travel with an expert, meeting the owners or the winemakers, having so outstanding tastings, enjoy gourmet lunches as guests of the wineries etc.

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

Thank you for an amazing wine tour to Bordeaux! Excellent visits to fine vineyards, superb dining at the chateaux and what a wonderful guide Per was, VERY BIG THANK YOU. I myself am one of the founders of a wine tasting association and have participated in nine previous wine tours (*). This trip would no doubt win the price as the best, especially because of BKWine and Per.

— C-H W

Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest
Grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for harvest, copyright BKWine Photography

On a custom designed wine tour for a wine tasting association. (*) The previous wine tours mentioned were not organised by BKWine.

On the wine tour in Bordeaux:

Thank you very much for this wonderful tour, which we greatly appreciated! It was really interesting, with the tastings, the information on what they do and why. And then of course the lunches that were delicious!

— Hakan & Leila

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If you are interested in discovering Bordeaux, the wine regions, the exciting wines, the amazingly good food, then you come on a wine tour to Bordeaux with us at BKWine!

Wine slowly aging in the barrel cellar
Wine slowly aging in the barrel cellar, copyright BKWine Photography
The elegant chateau Kirwan, Margaux, Bordeaux
The elegant chateau Kirwan, Margaux, Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography
Lunch table set at the chateau
Lunch table set at the chateau, copyright BKWine Photography
The barrel cellar at Chateau Dauphine in Bordeaux
The barrel cellar at Chateau Dauphine in Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography
Le Grand Theatre in Bordeaux
Le Grand Theatre in Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

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