Discover ”vin de france”, the new generation French wines

Vin de france, roughly speaking, has no other requirements than that the wine should be produced in France. It may be a made from a single variety or a blend of different grapes varieties. The wine may, if applicable, have grape variety and vintage mentioned on the label. A control system exists to ensure compliance with the rules. The vin de france category gives producers new opportunities to mix grapes from different parts of France in the same wine. You can also mix in grape varieties that are not allowed within the AOP system. For example, use syrah in a “Bordeaux blend” produced in Bordeaux.

Read more in Carl-Erik Kanne’s article on BKWine Magazine: New “vin de france”, an opportunity for new styles and new markets.

Travelling in the French wine regions is an excellent opportunity to discover some of there new wave wines.

Vin de france label

Vin de france label, copyright BKWine Photography

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