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Two young sisters make excellent sparkling wine in Croatia

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A glass of sparkling wine
A glass of sparkling wine, copyright BKWine Photography

We have a wine tour planned for Croatia this autumn so we’re constantly keeping a lookout for new information about Croatian wines. They are not very well known internationally but will probably gain a better international reputation in the coming years — judging from what we’ve seen and tasted.

Two young sisters are starting to make a name for themselves in making sparkling wines: Ana and Katerina Persuric at the Misal winery in Istria on the northern coast in Croatia.

Denise Medrano, an energetic wine blogger in the UK, recently wrote an article on the two sisters on Palate Press. Here’s an excerpt:

At Misal Vinyards the Pesurics grow two of the traditional grapes used in Champagne —chardonnay and pinot noir —as well as the indigenous malvasia. Ana has such faith in this latter variety that she has begun making an experimental wine entirely from malvasia, with the 2008 vintage currently in barrel.

[. . .]

Ana’s passion for making great wines —and, just as importantly, having tasted them —this writer believes that Misal’s sparkling wines are soon going to be the premium sparkling wines of Croatia, if not already.

Read the whole article on Palate Press: Winemaking Sisters Pioneer Quality Croatian Sparklers.

You can read more of Denise’s entertaining writings on her own blog The Wine Sleuth.

If you are interested in a wine and food tour to Croatia (perhaps even including some white truffles hunting) contact us to discuss a custom wine and food travel solution for you.

And here’s a short video that Denise did with the producer:


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