Hunting Truffles in Italy, France or Croatia – an introduction with BKWine

White truffles, a handful

White truffles, a handful, copyright BKWine Photography

We occasionally organise wine and truffles tours. You spend a morning “hunting” truffles with a truffle dog in the forest. After a long and exciting morning we go inside to warm up (truffle season is in late autumn or winter!) and to have lunch – a real truffle lunch, with virtually everything served with truffles.

We have one truffles & wine tour scheduled for Italy this autumn and one to Croatia (to the beautiful peninsula of Istria) too – but only on our Swedish-language program. Look out for an English language tour in the future – or contact us to arrange for a custom designed wine & truffles tour with us!

We recently met with dottore Giorgio Colli when we were at a wine conference in Portugal. Dott. Colli is an Italian professor specialised in sensory evaluation and in particular in truffles. Of course we took the occasion to make an interview with dottore Colli.

On this video he explains the difference between the various kinds of truffles, e.g. the white “Italian” truffle (tuber magnatum pico) and the black Perigord truffle (tuber melanosporum). (But we are quite sure that French truffles lovers won’t agree with everything that he says on the video…) He also talks about how to prepare and cook with truffles and food and how best to enjoy truffles. Here is the video:

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