Festive and everyday wines from Piedmont from Ferdinando Principiano

If you try to find out more about Ferdinando Principiano, it turns out that the family in the nineties tried to cater to a wide audience with immediate appeal. In the early 00s, the orientation had changed considerably and the winemaking had returned to a more traditional production. No added yeast, clinically pure in the wine cellar and a very restrained use of sulphur. The producer prefers organic farming but is not certified. Fining and filtering are not done. Caviste.se is an internet retailer that has offered Ferdinando Principiano wines to the market for several years and now also in 2018.

Read more on these in Sven-Olof Johansson’s article on BKWine Magazine: Piedmont for dinner and for future birthdays, from Ferdinando Principiano.

Travel: Come on a wine tour to Piedmont with BKWine.

Principiano wines, Piedmont

Principiano wines, Piedmont, copyright SO Johansson

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