Happy customers comment on a wine tour in Burgundy: “amazing days”

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Burgundy can be a tricky district to travel in. There are several big known “houses” (negociants), often the ones seen on the export market, but if you are on a wine tour in Burgundy, it is seldom the most famous names that are most exciting to visit. There reception often becomes a little bit impersonal.

At the smaller producers it is different, and there are many that are “smaller” in Burgundy. There are many family companies that have no more than a dozen or so hectares, but, on the other hand, can easily make twenty different wines. Here the wines are often more personal, as is the reception, and at least as good.

On our tours in Burgundy we show both these sides of the wine industry, both the big negociants, which are an important part of the wine sector, not least internationally, but the focus is mostly on the smaller producers. If you are not intimately familiar with Burgundy, finding the most interesting wine estates to visit can be difficult.

Here are some comments from people who have travelled with us in the vineyards in Burgundy, and visited the wine producers:

Oak barrels in the wine cellar
Oak barrels in the wine cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Burgundy:

We want to thank you for a wonderful wine trip, once again. It’s so nice with dedicated and knowledgeable organizers. Thank you for some amazing days.

— A & Maria

On the wine tour in Burgundy:

We would like to thank you so much for the lovely days in Burgundy. Both I and Teresa thought the trip was very rewarding and we came home thinking that we have come much closer to the country and to the wine. We appreciated the ambitious winery visits and the amazing gourmet lunches and we thought we were very well taken care of by you and those who met us at the wineries. Best of all was the charming visit to Pavelot and the wines that most impressed use were at Philippe Chavy. Many thanks once again!

— Niklas & Teresa

If you want to read more customer comments, you can find a page with lots of comments from travellers on our wine tours here.

And here you can read even more reviews about what our travellers think about our wine tours.

If you are interested in discovering Burgundy, the wine regions, the exciting wines, the amazingly good food, then you should come on a wine tour to Burgundy with us at BKWine!

Wine harvest at the end of the day
Wine harvest at the end of the day, copyright BKWine Photography
In the Pommard vineyards, Cote de Beaune, Burgundy
In the Pommard vineyards, Cote de Beaune, Burgundy, copyright BKWine Photography
Harvesting pinot noir in Burgundy
Harvesting pinot noir in Burgundy, copyright BKWine Photography
Barrel cellar at Chanson in Burgundy
Barrel cellar at Chanson in Burgundy, copyright BKWine Photography

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