New South Africa: five exciting producers | Britt on Forbes

“There is a wine revolution quietly going on in South Africa. Or more correctly, a second revolution. The first one was when apartheid ended and the KVW iron grip on the wine sector also came to an end. That led to the birth of the modern wine industry in South Africa, where today you can find many very exiting wineries producing outstanding wines. The “revolution” that is happening now, since a few years back, is perhaps less overwhelming and on a smaller scale, but it is also very interesting. There is a new breed of winemakers experimenting with new styles, new grape varieties (or actually old!), and working with techniques that can sometimes be on a knife’s edge.”

Read more on this revolution on BKWine Magazine in Britt’s article originally published on Forbes: Five “natural” wines from South Africa that are really good! | Britt on Forbes.

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Vineyards and mountains in Stellenbosch

Vineyards and mountains in Stellenbosch, copyright BKWine Photography

The beach at Camps Bay in Cape Town

The beach at Camps Bay in Cape Town, copyright BKWine Photography

Wine in barrel in the cellar

Wine in barrel in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

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