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“You feel really very privileged”, wine tour to Chile and Argentina

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The wine tour that we do to Chile and Argentina is extensive. We cover two countries. We have a magnificent trip by bus over the Andes, a spectacular experience. We visit many wineries in both Chile and Argentina. We get a lovely insight into of Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and even Valparaiso. Many experiences and so much to remember.

There is also much that has to click and work without a glitch in the planning. Winery visits must not only be exceptional but the must also be accessible by road (not always easy) and at an appropriate distance (Argentina is huge!). The “right” person must be there to receive us. Wine tasting should be exciting. All meals should give a good picture of the Chilean and Argentine gastronomy and at the same time not be too similar. It is of course inevitable with quite a lot of “asado”, the lovely Latin-American barbecue. And so on.

The winding road down from the Andes pass into Chile
The winding road down from the Andes pass into Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Much work lies behind the trip. Like behind all other trips too, of course. But because the trip is so much longer, it becomes more important that everything works exactly as you want it to be. And so it does for the most part.

Then it is a particular pleasure to get feedback from travellers who have been on the tour, especially if it sounds like this:

Heartfelt thanks for another great wine tour of your making. We really feel privileged when we come to the wineries and are so well received by all these winemakers, all very different and always interesting and passionate.

Delicious food, outstanding wines, good accommodation and a varied program together with pleasant travel companions keeps memories warm for long.

Sunny greetings

Ulla & Jan B, on a wine tour in South America (Chile and Argentina)

Many thanks for the warming words!

We look forward to seeing you again somewhere else in the wine world!

For those of you who are curious about a wine tour and gourmet trip to South America, including Argentina and Chile, here is next year’s program.

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Serving delicious wine from a magnum
Serving delicious wine from a magnum, copyright BKWine Photography
Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines
Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines, copyright BKWine Photography

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