South Africa: a wine country with great variety

South Africa’s wines have had great success in various parts of the world. However, it is a wine country that does not rest on its laurels. The producers are constantly seeking new challenges, new districts and new varieties. Down on the south coast the climate is cool and this suits some varieties such as sauvignon blanc and pinot noir while further north in hot Swartland they specialise in wines varieties that we usually find in the French Rhone Valley.

What has changed in South Africa in recent years is the wide variety of flavours and styles available now. It is no longer so that you just have one kind of South African (if it ever were). This is one very good reason to go here. Whether you want a classic Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellenbosch, an exciting Pinotage from Franschhoek or “natural”, no-sulphur wines from Swartland you can find your favourite here.

The wine tour to South Africa starts in late February.

(It is also possible to extend the tour with golf or with a safari.)

Facing the leopard

Facing the leopard, copyright BKWine Photography

The barrel cellar with aging wine

The barrel cellar with aging wine, copyright BKWine Photography

A view over Cape Point and the sea

A view over Cape Point and the sea, copyright BKWine Photography

Comparative wine tasting at one of the wineries

Comparative wine tasting at one of the wineries, copyright BKWine Photography

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