“A superb wine tour with BKWine! Just as always”, to Puglia in southern Italy

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This past autumn was the first time we had a wine tour and culinary trip to Puglia on our scheduled tour program. We have previously made custom designed tours and travel to Puglia (Apulia) but we have not had it on the public program.

Every year we try to have some new destination on the program and this year it was Apulia. Next year Campania, also in southern Italy, will be a new wine tour destination, and perhaps something more.

Ann -Margret and Stig were on the trip to Puglia. It was the fourth trip they have done with BKWine, so they probably by now have a fairly good idea of what we do… We received an email from them after the trip to Apulia with some comments:


Thank you for a great wine tour in Puglia!

It was just as superb a wine tour as always with BKWine Wine Tours.

Excellent organisation in every detail. Nice and well-chosen wineries, delicious wines, wonderful lunches and good hotels.

Apulia was really a pleasant surprise for us.

A special thanks to Asa for her dedication, knowledge, good spirit and humour. She is the perfect guide.

It was the fourth time we travelled with BKWine and we will be more than happy to do it again.

We hope there will be more trips to Puglia.

Take care!

Best regards

— Ann -Margret & Stig A, on a wine tour in Puglia in southern Italy

Many thanks for the positive words! And many thanks for coming and for coming again on our tours! We look forward to seeing you again in some other wine region.

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View over the landscape in Apulia
View over the landscape in Apulia, copyright BKWine Photography
Gastronomic specialities from Apulia
Gastronomic specialities from Apulia, copyright BKWine Photography
After the meal and the wine tasting
After the meal and the wine tasting, copyright BKWine Photography

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