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Champagne is a unique wine that only comes from the Champagne region in the north-east of France. Other places may produce sparkling wines, but they are not allowed to call them champagne in most countries (in the USA it is possible, under certain conditions).

What makes champagne so special, besides its origin?

It is a combination of factors: the northern latitude, the (mostly) chalky soil, the grape varieties (chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier), and the long ageing on the lees. All these elements contribute to the distinctive character of champagne. And of course, the producer. Making champagne involves following many rules, but a good producer can still express his or her personality in the wine. You will discover that if you join us at the end of September for a wonderful trip to this amazing wine region.

You will taste exquisite champagnes and enjoy delicious meals. And learn a lot.

Come on a wine tour to Champagne with us.

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And also: We have written an internationally award-winning book on Champagne, so you can hardly get a better guide to the region.

Pressing pinot noir in Champagne
Pressing pinot noir in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography
Champagne as aperitif
Champagne as aperitif, copyright BKWine Photography
Tasting and lunch in Champagne
Tasting and lunch in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography
Pinot noir harvested in a vineyard in Champagne
Pinot Noir harvested in a vineyard in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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