A wine tour to Chile is not only wine! It is also pisco sour!

If you go on a wine tour to Chile then you will have the occasion to taste many, many exciting wines and delicious meals. But if you go to Chile you also must try at least once (or twice, or three times) a pisco sour.

Pisco Especial Elqui Tres Erres

Pisco Especial Elqui Tres Erres, copyright BKWine Photography

Pisco is one of the national drinks of Chile. but in Peru they say it is theirs. The competition between the two countries, as far as pisco goes, is not very fierce though. Rather friendly. Chilean and Peruvian pisco is also quite different. They say. I have only tried the Chilean version.

They also say that pisco sour is dangerously addictive. Not addictive in a drug sense but just because it is so delicious. I can attest to that! Next week we are planning to go to a Peruvian (one always must keep an open mind and compare!) restaurant here in Paris. The main reason for the choice was that we can then have a pisco sour.

Here is a short video from our wine tour to Chile (and Argentina) on how to make a pisco sour. It is the bartender at the airport in Santiago that shows us. The bar happened to be called The Last Pisco Sour… And it was!

There were of course quite a few wines on this wine tour too. 114 wines, more or less, on the latest tour.

If you are interested in the wines of Chile and Argentina (and pisco sour!) and want to help us break the 114 wines record, then you can join us on the next wine tour to Chile and Argentina in February 2014.

Pisco is a grape brandy made both in Chile and in Peru. The production method is somewhat different in the two countries so the spirits are also different in flavour.

Pisco sour recipe:

1. Blend two parts pisco brandy with one part lemon juice. Add a generous measure of sugar. Shake vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker. Most recipes also include a tablespoon of egg white. Some use lime instead of lemon (nice!). Some use powder sugar or syrup instead of plain sugar. Some add a dash of angostura bitter. You’ll have to find your own perfect blend!

2. Serve cold in the cool shade a hot day in Chile after a long day of wine tasting.

And then it is just to relax and enjoy your pisco sour:

A pisco sour in the shade

A pisco sour in the shade, copyright BKWine Photography

Pisco Tres Erres and a pisco sour

Pisco Tres Erres and a pisco sour, copyright BKWine Photography


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