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The wine tour to Chile & Argentina: “What a smash hit! Amazing!”

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Last spring, we arranged a long wine tour trip to Chile and Argentina in South America. It is a tour that contains a lot of different things, Buenos Aires, including tango, Pampas, Mendoza, Chile’s wine regions, blend-your-own-wine-workshop at a winery, Santiago, Valparaiso, and more.

Is it too ambitious? No, that’s not what Jan-Olof and Gunilla thought who sent us an email:

(Here is the program for the next wine and food tour to Chile and Argentina. Book now!)

Hi Britt and Per!

Now we have awakened more or less after the long journey back.

What a trip! What a smash hit! Absolutely amazing tour with everything! We got to feel the pulse of the great cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago. Just the right amount of cultural sight-seeing. Wonderful to experience tango’s vibrant dance rhythms in Buenos Aires.

A gaucho always carries a knife
A gaucho always carries a knife, copyright BKWine Photography

Many times we have thought of the Pampas, known from our song lore, and its estancias, but never had we seen it. Now we really got to experience it for real, and even on horseback (for the first time for some), and with real gauchos on horseback next to us. What a fantastic experience!

We had great expectations on Argentina’s largest wine region, Mendoza. Is it as beautiful as in the wine magazines we have read at home? Yes, indeed! Wonderfully beautiful al Parral (pergola) vineyards with the snow-capped Andes in the background. “Pas mal” as the Frenchman at the Carinae Winery said. In the southern hemisphere the nights, we thought, were much blacker. And black were also the wine in Mendoza made from the main grape variety called malbec.

Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines
Lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard in Chile overlooking the vines, copyright BKWine Photography

Wonderful lunches, gastronomy at the highest level both in Argentina and Chile. We wondered where she was, the much talked about Carmen, she was not there. Pretty soon we realized that she was hiding in the wine glass, Carmen-ere, Chile’s very own grape variety.

Exciting, interesting and carefully selected vineyard visits, each with its own story and all were told with personal commitment and passion.

Vineyards in Argentina and Chile, so close together, but with completely different conditions to make quality wines. Just a little rock, or rather a tall mountain, that separates them. No, it is not that simple.

Nature, climate, the taste of the grapes and maturity development, everything was explained.

View over the vineyards and the mountains in Chile
View over the vineyards and the mountains in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

Per’s technical explanations in the bus were very much appreciated.

Imagine being able to blend your own wine, becoming a real blender. Three different grapes from the tank joined together to become a wine with balanced fruit and acidity. Soon we are a bunch of flying winemakers ready for the world of wine!

BKWine, the complete team to guide you around among grapes and vineyards. Britt and Per, you do not need a “Zlatan Reinforcement” (*).

PS. Congratulations for the award of wine o The environment, an extraordinarily good book.

— Jan-Olov and Gunilla B.

(*) This was at the same time as the football team PSG in Paris recruited Zlatan Ibrahimović.

A big thank you for the inspiring words!

We continue in the same vein next year.

And here’s another comment on the same trip:

It was a really nice trip, we will not forget it any time soon (but it will probably be some while before we have had the time to digest all the impressions) and we have not been horrified by BKWine arrangements, so there is some risk that we meet again…

Thank you very much for a very nice trip.

— Siv & Leif J.

Thank you, Siv and Leif!

This wine and food tour is a mixture of wine and dining experiences, excellent gourmet meals and typical barbecue lunches, with some time to enjoy the other attractions of the two major wine-producing countries of South America.

Read more on what our tour participants have had to say about our wine tours and gourmet tours.

The next wine and food tour to Chile and Argentina will be in February next year. Book now!

An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile
An old wine cellar at a winery in Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

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