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Olive grove

Mandranova – High-quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

“How many Sicilian olive varieties do you know? Here are five examples of excellent extra virgin olive oil made with five different varieties on the biggest island in the Mediterranean. The farm Mandranova is one of Sicily’s most appreciated olive oil producers. It is run by Giuseppe and Silva Di Vincenzo, their beautiful farm is […]

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Luigi and Debora Bonsignore

Sicilian entrepreneurs create wine, food and travel experiences

“This is not the story of the Sicilians that decided to stay and try to change things from within. It is not the story about those who decided to leave, trying to start over. Instead, this is the story of those who left, became successful, and chose to come back.” Read Åsa Johansson’s article on […]

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Grillo Parlante from Sicily

The Sicilian grape grillo on the stage, Il Fondo Antico wines prize

Lorenza Scianna is a winemaker at the wine producer Il Fondo Antico in western Sicily, not far from Marsala. She was one of the first to believe in the characteristics of the grape grillo and since 2002 she makes a wine with a hundred percent grillo called Grillo Parlante (the talking grasshopper). At the end […]

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Sunset over the Mediterranean, Sicily

“Wonderful and Inspiring Wine Tour”, Said Those Who Travelled to Sicily with BKWine

One does not hear much about Sicily as wine district. Unfortunately. It is actually one of Italy’s biggest wine regions, the fourth largest. They make a great variety of wines and wine styles in Sicily. This is not at all strange because Sicily is like a whole continent in itself, even in terms of nature […]

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Nerello in a vat, Etna, Sicily

Focus on Etna on Sicily | wine tour

The climate in Sicily is warm and dry. But the landscape is mountainous and it can rain a lot when you get up in the mountains, as much as 1000 mm a year in some places. The mountains cool the vines and give a nice freshness to the wines. Hot days and cool nights in […]

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A village in the mountains, Etna, Sicily

Volcanic wines: Sicily, focusing on Etna | Wine Tour

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s biggest island. Wine is grown all around the island. Most wineries are near the coast, but for example the well-known Tenuta Regaleali is in the centre of the island, in a dramatic, mountainous landscape. Etna, which is the focus of one of our Sicily wine tours, is located in the east. […]

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Amphorae in a Sicilian wine cellar

Sicily Wine Tour

A wine tour to the splendours of Sicily, the wine, the food and the sunshine — Sicily is becoming one of the “hot” wine regions in Italy. They have their own unique grape varieties that give wines filled with fruit and freshness. Nero d’avola, for example, makes powerful yet fresh wines. The quality has increased with […]

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A food market in Italy

UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #7: Pantelleria

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district. Pantelleria is a tiny windswept island just off Sicily. The island has a very special landscape and also makes very special wines, such as passito de Pantelleria from the local grape variety zibibbo. It is […]

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USA Today on BKWine’s wine tours: “Critically acclaimed and highly professional international wine tourism company”

“A leader in its field, BKWine focuses exclusively on the greatest boutique wineries, avoiding the large and conventional vineyards that many competitors favor” Sicily is a magnificent wine country. It is a beautiful landscape, often wild, often not what you expect. As a wine producer Sicily is also unexpected. They make some deliciously elegant and […]

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A Sicilian speciality: rabbit stew and black rice

A wine island worth discovering: Sicily

A wine tour to the biggest island of the Mediterranean, with a unique gastronomy and (wine) culture Sicily, the Mediterranean Sea’s biggest island, today makes wines that compete among Italy’s best. The island also has a magnificent landscape with everything from an active volcano to fragrant orange plantations. They have an Italian cuisine based on […]

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COS, Sicily, amphora and biodynamics

One of the wine producers on Sicily that has been much talked about recently is Giusti Occhipinit at COS. the main reason is of course that he makes excellent wines, but it is also because he is one of the wine producer who are experimenting with making wine in amphora. “Clay is like oak”, he […]

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A vine struggling in the poor soil on the Etna slopes, Sicily

Fantastic Sicily – new wine travel destination!

This autumn we launch a brand new tour: Wines and Food of Sicily The biggest island of the Mediterranean has a lot to offer. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer you a trip to Sicily. Come and experience and enjoy the unique food culture and top quality wines of Sicily. The last […]

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Vineyards in the rolling hills of Sicily

Sicily is like a continent in one small island

I am not sure who is the origin of the expression “Sicily is like a whole continent in one small island”, but that was certainly what we thought when we were travelling there to explore the vineyards and the wineries some time ago. Apparently it is also what Sally Easton MW thinks. She has just […]

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A vine struggling in the poor soil on the Etna slopes, Sicily

Etna on Sicily: the black soil and the elegant wines

It is an experience to travel to and visit the vineyards of Etna. The volcano Etna in itself is spectacular, especially if you are lucky enough to be here on a clear day. Etna is one of many wine regions on the island of Sicily and the main grape planted here is nerello mascalese. The […]

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