A village on the mountain slope, Etna, Sicily

Focus on Etna on Sicily | wine tour

The climate in Sicily is warm and dry. But the landscape is mountainous and it can rain a lot when you get up in the mountains, as much as 1000 mm a year in some

A village in the mountains, Etna, Sicily

Volcanic wines: Sicily, focusing on Etna | Wine Tour

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s biggest island. Wine is grown all around the island. Most wineries are near the coast, but for example the well-known Tenuta Regaleali is in the centre of the island, in a

A vineyard on the mountain, Etna, Sicily

Sicily Wine Tour

A wine tour to the splendours of Sicily, the wine, the food and the sunshine — Sicily is becoming one of the “hot” wine regions in Italy. They have their own unique grape varieties that give

Fresh fruit and vegetables on a street food market

UNESCO World Heritage Wine region #7: Pantelleria

I recently wrote about wine regions which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here comes the next wine district. Pantelleria is a tiny windswept island just off Sicily. The island has a very special

A wine island worth discovering: Sicily

A wine tour to the biggest island of the Mediterranean, with a unique gastronomy and (wine) culture Sicily, the Mediterranean Sea’s biggest island, today makes wines that compete among Italy’s best. The island also has

COS, Sicily, amphora and biodynamics

One of the wine producers on Sicily that has been much talked about recently is Giusti Occhipinit at COS. the main reason is of course that he makes excellent wines, but it is also because

Sicily is like a continent in one small island

I am not sure who is the origin of the expression “Sicily is like a whole continent in one small island”, but that was certainly what we thought when we were travelling there to explore