Fantastic Sicily – new wine travel destination!

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This autumn we launch a brand new tour: Wines and Food of Sicily

The biggest island of the Mediterranean has a lot to offer. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer you a trip to Sicily. Come and experience and enjoy the unique food culture and top quality wines of Sicily.

A vine struggling in the poor soil on the Etna slopes, Sicily
A vine struggling in the poor soil on the Etna slopes, Sicily, copyright BKWine Photography

The last 20 years have seen the quality of Sicilian wines sky-rocket. During the course of this tour we will focus on the wines from the white grapes inzolia, catarratto and carricante as well as the full-bodied reds from for example nero d’avola.

But there will also be plenty of opportunities to discover other indigenous grape varieties and their wines, not yet famous on the international wine market but they are sure to soon be there.

The trip includes delicious lunches at vineyards, not least at the Gulfi winery where they have a restaurant that compare favourably star-rated restaurants in other more famous regions.

The trip includes four hotel nights: the first and the last will be in Catania, a city that is easy to fly into. The two nights in between will be in Syracuse. Syracuse is a magnificent old city founded by the Greeks. It played an important role both for the Greeks and for the Roman Empire. In Syracuse we will stay at a charming small hotel with the feet in the water and the back in the heart of the ancient city centre.

Sicily is a surprisingly big island so we will not have the time to explore all of it over the course of the trip. This trip will focus on the eastern and south-east parts of the island.

This is where you can find Etna and its incredible black lava soil. Etna is Europe’s highest active volcano and at the same time on of the most spectacular wine regions in Europe. The slopes of the mountain have become a very dynamic wine region and more and more producers from the mainland buy up land here to start vineyards.

This trip is currently offered as a custom tour on our English language tour program and as a scheduled tour (24-28 October) on our Scandinavian language tour program.

The black soil on the slopes of Etna on Sicily
The black soil on the slopes of Etna on Sicily, copyright BKWine Photography
A Sicilian villa with palm trees
A Sicilian villa with palm trees, copyright BKWine Photography
Vinyards in the rolling hills of Sicily
Vineyards in the rolling hills of Sicily, copyright BKWine Photography

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