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Many wine consumers associate Bordeaux wines with tannins and a long ageing. On our wine tour in Bordeaux in October you will discover for yourself if this is still true. During our tastings at high-class chateaux you will discover both young Bordeaux wines and older ones. What you prefer is a matter of personal taste. Wine does not necessarily have to be age-old to be delicious.

The work in the vineyard and in the cellars has changed over the years. Many things have changed in Bordeaux but not the fact that they make great wines. Our tour will take place during and just after the harvest. We cannot be sure yet, as the harvest date is set only a few weeks or even a few days in advance. But we can promise you a lot of activities in the cellars.

Join us on this exceptional wine tour to Bordeaux this fall and experience outstanding food and wine at fantastic chateaux.

Old wine bottles resting in the cellar

Old wine bottles resting in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

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