Champagne: grower champagnes and house champagnes, is there any difference? | wine tour

Grower champagnes and house champagnes. Is one better than the other? You can decide that for yourself in Champagne in September. We will visit both small growers, smaller houses and larger houses. There are, of course, lovely champagnes from producers of all sizes.

Sometimes you choose a growers’ champagne because it feels like a more personal individualistic wine. Sometimes you choose a well-known brand, precisely because it is well-known (and others recognise it).

Anselme Selosse from Champagne Jacques Selosse in Avize was one of the pioneers of grower champagnes in the 1980s. He paved the way for other growers with his terroir philosophy which was something new in Champagne at the time. We will have lunch in his superb small restaurant in Avize.

Read more about the Champagne wine tour, 11-15 September 2019. Book now!

Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne

Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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