Chateau Lestrille wins wine tourism prize

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We say a big congratulation to Chateau Lestrille in Bordeaux. They were recently given an award in the prestigious competition Best of Wine Tourism, Great Wine Capitals.

Logo Best Of Wine TourismThe competition aims to encourage forward-looking initiatives in wine tourism, or oenotourism as they say in French, with the hope that it will help wine producers and wine regions to better promotion.

Supposedly the idea is that with new and creative ideas that attracts people to the wine regions more people will become interested in wine.

The award to Chateau Lestrille was in the category découverte et innovation, discovery and innovation. They have since a few years back started several different initiatives at the winery: “learn how to blend your own wine”, “harvest grapes for a day” and other events.

They have opened a delicatessen, accessories and gift shop. They have plans for a wine bar and restaurant.

What energy and push!

The chateau is in the Entre Deux Mers region in Bordeaux and is run by the young French female winemaker Estelle Roumage. Her husband Martin Fueyo is also much involved in the projects.

And of course, Chateau Lestrille is one of the wineries that is frequently on the BKWine wine tours schedules in Bordeaux. In addition, Martin is also one of the people who work with the BKWine tours!

A big congratulation to Estelle and Martin at Chateau Lestrille!

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Vineyards on a hill-slope in Bordeaux
Vineyards on a hill-slope in Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

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