What’s missing in the wine tour destinations list from TWE?

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The big gap in The Wine Enthusiast’s Best Wine Travel!

A few days back I wrote about The Wine Enthusiast’s selection of the The World’s Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations.

WineToursimInFrance.com picked up on the same story and mad an interesting remark.

There is a big “what’s missing?” on that list!

Actually, it is not that hard to spot.

Here is their top the wine tour list. What, in your view, is missing?

Take a look and then continue below the picture here!

Steep terraced vineyards
Steep terraced vineyards, copyright BKWine Photography

Where is France?

Not a single French wine region on The Wine Enthusiast’s list. Quite remarkable.

Do we agree?

Of course not!

France is one of the world’s premier wine tour destinations. It is not just that we happen to be based in France and do a lot of our business here in France. It really is a great country to travel in and to go wine touring in.

Great wine regions. Great food. Absolutely top class wines. But also “new discoveries” for those who are more adventurous and want to discover new things.

OK, they have a language that is not always easy to grasp. But then you can simply travel with someone who can handle that “issue” for you. Like us at BKWine!

Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Provence, The Rhone Valley etc etc. Languedoc, Alsace, Jura… for the adventurous. Etc, etc. What more can you want?

WineToursimInFrance.com also did a quick look-back to last year’s top list from the Wine Enthusiast. It was not quite as bad then. France was on the list. With one single wine region….

Here is The Wine Enthusiasts Top Wine Tour Destinations for 2012:

Please France! You have to market your wine regions better!

We’re doing our best but it would be better with a bit of help from you.

What do you think? Shouldn’t some French wine regions be on the list? If so, which one(s)? Or was it something else that you saw was missing?

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2 Responses

  1. Greece is up and coming when it comes to wine tourism. And, there are various regions – as well as sub-regions – to visit, spread out on the mainland as well as on the many islands. I hope we will see more organized tours going to Greece in the nearby future as visiting the many great Greek wineries is such a great way learning on the fantastic country, who initialized the European wine production thousands of years back.

  2. The Top wine destination is Santa Barbara, California and Virginia. There are more famous wineries like The Winery at Bull Run in Virginia, VA.

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