Full throttle in Champagne this fall | wine tour

Champagne is the world’s most famous sparkling wine, even though Prosecco has overtaken champagne counted in volume. Champagne immediately brings to mind festivity and luxury, but today more and more people find that there is no need for a party to open a bottle of champagne. But maybe it becomes a party when the bottle is opened!

During this autumn’s champagne tour it season will be either harvest time or immediately after which means that there is a lot of things happening and bustle inside the cellars and out in the vineyards. The presses go on churning day and night, the must bubbles, oak barrels and steel tanks are filled up.

Join us on this wine tour to Champagne and experience all this and of course also you will enjoy some fantastic champagne lunches.

Champagne as aperitif to start lunch

Champagne as aperitif to start lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

Tresors de Champagne wine shop in Reims

Tresors de Champagne wine shop in Reims, copyright BKWine Photography

A grand cru wine in barrel at Champagne Benoit Marguet

A grand cru wine in barrel at Champagne Benoit Marguet, copyright BKWine Photography

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