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“’Be careful, you can burn yourself,’ says Gerardo Vernazzaro. I stand on a crater overlooking the sea. From the ground, sulfur smoke rises into the air. The name Campi Flegrei means just burning fields. But I did not think the name was literally true. The area’s 90 craters have all had an outbreak sometime in the past 37,000 years. What is beneath the soil is without exaggerating a ticking bomb. -Now, you can easily understand our wines, says Gerardo Vernazzaro, pointing at the sulfur smoke rising from the ground. Together with his wife Emanuela he runs the winery Cantine Astroni.”

Read more on this strange wine region in Italy in Asa Johansson’s article on BKWine Magazine: Campi Flegrei, vineyards and volcanoes outside of Naples.

The very best place to experience the Italian wines is of course in Italy, and also the  great Italian food! Come on a wine tour to Italy with BKWine and you will get plenty.

Hills, vineyards, and villages in Veneto

Hills, vineyards, and villages in Veneto, copyright BKWine Photography

Just harvested Glera grapes for Prosecco

Just harvested Glera grapes for Prosecco, copyright BKWine Photography

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