A meeting with Allegrini from Veneto, sometimes a stop on the wine tours

Our wine tour to Veneto always feature both some of the most famous Vento wine producers and some that are not so internationally well-known, but of course just as good.

Among the most famous wineries of all is Allegrini, a family wine company that makes a variety of wines from vineyards around Veneto, both Valpolicella and the more powerful amarones, as well as others. Allegrini is sometimes one of the “big and famous” that we have on the tour program in Veneto.

The arena in Verona

The arena in Verona, copyright BKWine Photography

The Valpolicella wine region is just a short drive from Verona, so that is where we start the Veneto wine tours.

But this time it was Allegrini who came to us.

We recently had the occasion to meet with Marilisa Allegrini when she came for a lunch and a wine tasting in Stockholm. Our reporter Roland Eriksson was in Stockholm and met Marilisa.

Marilisa actually came to Stockholm for a very special occasion, the 30 year anniversary of the launch of their La Grola wine.

The tasting gave us the occasion to taste a number of La Grola vintages as well as a series of wines of the prestige cuvee La Poja. And to talk Valpolicella wines with Marilisa of course!

Read the full story and our tasting notes and comments from the meeting with Marilisa Allegrini on BKWine Magazine: Allegrini’s La Grola in Valpolicella celebrates 30 year anniversary!

If you are eager to discover more of the excellent Valpolicella and amarone wines then you can come on one of our wine and food tours to Veneto, with amarone, Valpolicella, Soave!

Vineyards and landscape in Valpolicella

Vineyards and landscape in Valpolicella, copyright BKWine Photography

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