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“An incredibly charming wine tour with great wines” – The Three Classics

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Table ready for lunch and wine in Sancerre
Table ready for lunch and wine in Sancerre, copyright BKWine Photography

“Three Classics” is what we call the wine tour that goes to Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre (or sometimes Burgundy).

It goes over five intense days and will take you to three of the most famous wine regions in France.

Last spring we were fortunate to also have good weather, albeit a little bit cold. All spring was cool but when we were on this trip, the sun was shining brilliantly most of the time.

We received an email from two people who were on this wine tour / food tour:

We have finally “landed” after the incredibly charming wine tour that we just experienced. We talk daily about the experiences we had together, with each other but of course also with all our friends who are curious about how we enjoyed it!

We think that everything was very nicely planned, excellent visit with talented producers, wonderful meals and good hotels. And the wines were just great! On the return trip, we were in complete agreement with Olof and Mari A on that we had not “survived” another day. So two very, very satisfied travellers. We will return!

— Gun & Anders K

Thank you Gun and Anders! With some practice you will “survive” more! We look forward to seeing you on another trip.

Read more about what our tour participants have to say and how they enjoyed on our wine tours.

If you want to know more about the wine tour /food tour The Three Classics to Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy / Sancerre you can find info here.

Tasting a few bottles of Sancerre, Loire Valley
Tasting a few bottles of Sancerre, Loire Valley

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