The most ”festive” wine tour? Champagne!

What it’s like wine touring in Champagne

No other wines are so tied to festive moments as champagne. No other wine is so self-evident when it is time for a celebration. But champagne is so much more than a drink to toast and celebrate with. It is also a delicious wine. In addition Champagne (with a capital C) is a very interesting region to go wine touring!

We have just published a sample program for a wine tour to Champagne, one of many exciting wine regions in Italy that we arrange wine tours to.

The new barrel cellar at Champagnes Duval Leroy

The new barrel cellar at Champagnes Duval Leroy, copyright BKWine Photography

Champagne is one of our most popular destinations for our wine and food tours. When you come on one of these the whole experience tends to be like a celebration. We have some fantastic meals, often as guests of a wine producer, with champagne all through the meal, to every course. It works wonderfully! We promise!

Since we are in Champagne and champagne is also closely linked to luxury, the cuisine also tends to be particularly lavish. Many course, elegant creations. Real gourmet food.

In the vineyards and in the wine cellar you have the opportunity to learn in detail about the secrets of making champagne, this exclusive bubbly. The whole process is quite peculiar. It requires quite a lot of manual labour and skills, quite different from “normal” winemaking. Very interesting to see close up.

It is also a special experience, exciting, to see all the old cellars with thousands and thousands, actually hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of bottles. Waiting to be ready to be sold and to be drunk.

When you go wine travelling in Champagne you can be sure that it will be a few exciting and delicious days!

Take a look at our sample program to see how a wine and food tour to Champagne can look. You can find the program under the menu Our Tours > Popular Destinations. You can check if we have one on our schedule in the menu Our Tours > Scheduled Tours, or you can contact us to discuss a custom wine tour to Champagne.

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Some champagne for aperitif before lunch

Some champagne for aperitif before lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

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