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New Wine Tour: Bordeaux a wine region and a city of many contrasts

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The Bordeaux wine region is full of contrasts. The city of Bordeaux as well. In our new program for the autumn wine tour to Bordeaux, we take you with us to all this.

In Bordeaux you can today find among the world’s most expensive wines. Some can cost several thousand euros. Per bottle. At the other end of the spectrum you have volume wines sold for just a few euros for a bottle. The one is luxury goods, rather than wines. Much like the bags from Louis Vuitton or Hermès ties. Both the Louis-Vuitton group and Hermès happen to have ownership interests in Bordeaux chateaux. The other end of the scale is industrially produced alcoholic beverages.

Neither the one nor the other is particularly interesting for wine lovers. One is too expensive and the other is too bad.

The amazing Miroir d'Eau in Bordeaux city
The amazing Miroir d’Eau in Bordeaux city, copyright BKWine Photography

What is really exciting is all that is in between. Reasonably priced wines, made by enthusiastic and talented winemakers. Exquisite fine wines for, in fact, very reasonable prices. It is on these kinds of wines that we focus on our program for the wine tour to Bordeaux in the autumn. We have just published the Scandinavian Bordeaux wine tour program and will soon have the English language one ready too. In the mean time you can take a look at our sample program for a wine and food tour to Bordeaux. There is always a mix of classic elegant chateau in the higher spheres, and small family estates.

The city of Bordeaux is perhaps France’s most elegant city. It has a totally incredible grand promenade along the river. It has all the fashion stores you could wish for. Among others, Louis Vuitton and Hermès of course.

But it also has an old town Bordeaux with “local” shops, bistros and cafes of the more down-to-earth kind. Bordeaux is a big university town so the night life is, well, lively. And in recent years the selection of wine bars has actually become really good.

A tasting the the garden at a wine producer's
A tasting the the garden at a wine producer’s, copyright BKWine Photography

Bordeaux also has its own gastronomy and choice of restaurants, ranging from the most luxurious of luxury to the outdoor bistro on the marketplace. Grilled entrecôte is a specialty. As are oysters, which they curiously often serves with a little spiced sausage. The famous lamb from Pauillac. In season porcini mushrooms are very popular and a great delicacy. And of course much, much more.

All this you will get the opportunity to experience if you come with us on a wine and food tour to Bordeaux, including Medoc, Graves , Saint Emilion and more.

Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau
Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau, copyright BKWine Photography

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