Travel, Food and Wine in Context, BKWine speaks at the EWBC

Buds in spring in a Veneto vineyard

Buds in spring in vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

At the recent EWBC, Digital Wine Communications Conference (ex-European Wine Bloggers Conference, #EWBC, #EWBC12) there was a panel debate on “Travel, Food and Wine in Context”.

It was about how you can communicate about wine, travel, food and gastronomy on-line.

The panel debate was moderated by the veteran wine and travel writer Wink Lorch and the panel included four person, one of which was our own Per Karlsson, co-founder of BKWine and occasional speaker at wine tourism conferences.

Here is the full panel debate on video:

And here is the slide show that Wink used to introduce the debate:

This was the brief for the panel discussion, or workshop:

Wine is much more than a tasting note and a score. Our panel includes wine communicators with experience in wine tourism, travel writing and the food world. To help us to become inspiring and authoritative sources of information, our panellists will share their views on how best to communicate about wine in the context of travel and food. We will then open up to the floor and welcome your input.

And some more info on who was on the panel (as presented by Wink):

Su Birch: CEO for over a decade of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), the exporting voice for South African wines, based in Stellenbosch. Wine tourism is extremely important for South African wineries.  WOSA has been a driving force behind the inaugural South African wine tourism event, which was held last month alongside Cape Wine 2012 in Cape Town.

Per Karlsson: From Sweden but living in Paris, Per is owner with his wife Britt of BKWine Tours, running award-winning tours in English and in Swedish to wine regions in Europe and the New World. They have gained recognition not only for their tours but for their writing and are one of five on Wine Business International’s “power list” of wine communicators in Sweden. A keen blogger and professional photographer too, in a previous life Per worked in marketing and telecommunications.

Wendy Crispell: Wine and food educator, consultant and writer, based in New York City. Wendy used to own a restaurant, has a passion for artisanal cheeses, and has in recent years become well qualified in wine, her focus today (never forgetting cheese). She has travelled widely.

Paola Tich: A communications consultant with her own business in London, Paola also has her own wine blog, SipSwooshSpit. She originally trained as a journalist working for some major news organisations. Travel and food feature regularly as part of Paola’s wine blog posts.

I will publish more on my contribution to the panel in a second post.

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