Travellers’ comments on a wine tour in Campania: “a lovely and interesting tour”

Just two hours south of Rome and you arrive in Campania, famous for its dramatic coast, beautiful old towns and for Vesuvius of course. But there are also some very good – but quite unknown – wines. For example, greco di tufo, aglianico, falanghina and many others. As it is (comparatively) undiscovered there are not so many tourists here. Except on the Amalfi coast in season.

One should also not forget the big beasts, and I do not mean the tourists. Nobody knows how the water buffaloes originally were brought here but this is where you find the water buffalo that has made Italy famous for its mozzarella. Genuine mozzarella is made from buffalo milk and Campania is the centre of production. Fresh mozzarella is a real gastronomic delicacy.

In a beautifully decorated wine cellar

In a beautifully decorated wine cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

The wines go excellently with the local gastronomy. You can find everything from simple trattorias to luxurious gourmet restaurants. And Naples is, of course, the true home of the pizza. So there is a lot to discover on a wine tour to Campania.

Here are some comments from travellers who have been with us on a wine and food tour of Campania.

On the wine tour in Campania:

We would like to thank you for a very nice, informative and exciting wine trip with BKWine. Campania was a wonderful experience, not least the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The lunches were delicious and the hotels were both high class and personal. Of course, many of the wines were also excellent. We will certainly be happy to return on a new tour in the future.

– A-M & S (who have been on 7 tours with BKWine)

A water buffalo, the source of mozzarella

A water buffalo, the source of mozzarella, copyright BKWine Photography

On the wine tour in Campania:

We want to tell you that we are more than happy with the whole tour. The program was presented as ‘wine and gastronomy’ and that is exactly what we experienced. You have a previously proven ability to find interesting wine producers, interesting in that they show completely different aspects of size and approach to winemaking. We have visited both high-volume-and-quality producers as well as small producers, all with high quality and some innovators / “anarchist” – exciting combinations.

The gastronomy given prominent position with well-planned and beautifully presented lunches that showcased the wines and also in the evenings in local restaurants.

Asa is a guide that is a gift of God, knowledgeable with good and personal contact with the people we visit. On top of all insight into the places and cultures we visit, she communicates in a wonderful, personal way her insights into the “normal” Italian life. Per is a rock for all of us to lean against with his broad knowledge of many different “wine topics”. Useful information on organic and biodynamic cultivation and production for instance.

Thank you for a wonderful, interesting and informative tour, we will be more than happy to travel with you again.

– Ingrid & Per P (who have been on 8 tours with BKWine)

Here you can read even more reviews about what our travellers think about our wine tours.

If you are interested in discovering Campania, the wine region, the exciting wines, the amazingly good food, then you should come on a wine tour to Campania with us at BKWine!

Vines an a sparsely planted vineyard

Vines an a sparsely planted vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

Wine tasting at a winery

Wine tasting at a winery, copyright BKWine Photography

Red ripe grapes ready for harvest

Red ripe grapes ready for harvest, copyright BKWine Photography

A cellar filled with wine barrels

A cellar filled with wine barrels, copyright BKWine Photography

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