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Wine, food and grappa at Tenuta di Biserno in Tuscany

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A super-Tuscan wine tour lunch at the prestigious Antinori winery

Tenuta di Biserno is one of the new wineries in Maremma on the Tuscan coast. It is one of the wineries that produce the famous “super-Tuscan” wines. We were heading towards Biserno for our lunch appointment on one of our recent wine tours to Tuscany.

To get to Tenuta di Biserno you go almost all the way down to the sea and head for Bolgheri. Just before you arrive at the village of Bolgheri you turn left onto a small road and soon you will see the famous Campo di Sasso vineyard on your right. Then you have to turn off on a small gravely road leading up into the Maremma hills.

Tenuta di Biserno was created some time back by Lodovico Antinori, after he had sold the Ornellaia vineyard that was one of the pioneers among the super-Tuscans. Today Ludovico runs the Tenuta di Biserno together with his brother Piero Antinori and Umberto Mannoni.

The winemaker in charge at Tenuta di Biserno is Swedish-born Helena Lindberg, helped by the famous consultant Michel Rolland, and the vineyard manager Ranieri Orsini.

Vineyards and hills in Tuscany
Vineyards and hills in Tuscany, copyright BKWine Photography

Back to our lunch… It is not a bad place to go for lunch on a wine tour. Definitely not. But first, it is not a very easy thing to get into one of the gems of the Antinori family empire. Second, you have to find the way there. Those two things done you arrive at the charming villa. Beautiful. View over the vineyards and the sea.

Then you sit down for lunch. We were there on a hot day so we had lunch in the cool of the mansion’s dining room. Well, you can see for yourself about the lunch on the video.

The wines, we tasted them all (and some grappa), with the lunch. The Insoglio del Cinghiale, from the Campo di Sasso, the Il Pino di Biserno, and their prestige cuvée Biserno.

It is difficult to stand up and leave from a lunch like that. Not so much because of all the wines. Rather because … you just want to sit back and enjoy.

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Lunch at Tenuta di Biserno on our Tuscan wine tour. Biserno is on the Tuscan coast and one of the most famous super-Tuscans. We were there to taste their range of wines (Insoglio del Cinghiale from Campo di Sasso, Il Pino di Biserno, Biserno.) and have a delicious gastronomic lunch. At the the Tenuta di Biserno estate, the Lodovico and Piero Antinori winery in Maremma on the Tuscan coast, near Bolgheri and Bibbona.

One of many great experiences on a wine and food tour to Tuscany in Italy with BKWine Tours, the specialist in wine travel and gourmet travel. We make sure you get a once-in-a-lifetime unique experience when visiting wine country regions, wineries, vineyards, estates and chateaux, and when meeting winemakers.

And Tenuta di Biserno’s own video on their winery:

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