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Wine touring is not only wine and food. Sometimes it’s grappa!

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On a wine tour we organised this spring to the Piedmont wine region we had added a visit of a more unusual kind: to a grappa distillery.

Perhaps you think of grappa as something nasty industrial spirit like thing that you can clean the car with. That is patently wrong. Or you have been unlucky with the grappas you have tried. Grappa can be delicious. A great digestif! After dinner spirit to finish the meal with.

Grappa is made from the grape skins and other grape residues that are left in the press after they have been pressed in the winery. These leftovers are sent to a distillery and become grappa.

In France they call it marc but it is essentially the same thing.

Read on BKWine Magazine Britt’s story on the visit to the grappa distillery and how it changed the way she looks at grappa: The fate of a grape after the pressing: Grappa, industrial alcohol or manure?

Perhaps it will tempt you to come on a wine and food tour to Italy? Including some grappas of course!

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Glass of aged grappa with coffee
Glass of aged grappa with coffee, copyright BKWine Photography



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