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On our tour to Champagne you will discover many things about this bubbly wine. Not least the fact that you can drink it through an entire meal. You can actually combine champagne with many things since there are so many different styles of champagnes.

The elegant style made from 100 % Chardonnay, the powerful style with mostly Pinot noir, the crispy, mineral style with no added sugar. The fruity fragrant style with a dominant of Pinot Meunier (a very under-rated variety!). And so on.

Older champagnes can even be served with red meat. During our superb lunches at the Champagne houses you will discover all this. We will taste a huge number of different Champagnes; we will meet ambitions wine makers and explore the beautiful vineyards of this famous region. The harvest is probably going on at this time so there will be a lot of action going on.

Take a look at the wine tour program to Champagne and then get in touch with us to book your tour.

A village and vineyards in Vallee de la Marne, Champagne

A village and vineyards in Vallee de la Marne, Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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